The Courts may shut down the Affordable Care Act leaving us healthcare deprived…

E. J. Dionne has a great column this morning: Will the Courts Wreck Health Care?

A quote from the column:

Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli made a revealing argument against the mandate. He kept referring to health insurance as a “private product.”

    There’s the rub. Health care is anything but a “private product.” The system is replete with cross-subsidies from hospitals, taxpayers and the already insured. There is no law requiring a car dealer to give you a new Lexus if you just walk onto the lot that compares to the statute requiring hospitals to treat you if you show up. We consider health care a largely public good, but we don’t pay for it that way. That’s foolish.

Read the whole column HERE.

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  1. The fundamental difference between buying health care and buying a car is that if you don’t get the health care you need, when you need it, you’re dead. Whereas if you don’t get the car you want, when you want it… you don’t have a car, but you can get another one later, or you can get a cheap used car to get you buy until you can afford the one you want. But you can’t get another life later or buy a cheap life temporarily while you wait for the life you want to come along. Reality just doesn’t work that way. No life = you’re dead = end of game.

    Health care is in the unique position of being able to say, “your money or your life,” little different from the mugger that holds you up at gunpoint and demands you empty your pockets. We have a way of dealing with people who say, “your money or your life”. It’s called *GOVERNMENT*. And it’s a good idea.

    – Badtux the Likes-living Penguin

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