My Water’s On Fire Tonight – The Fracking Song…

I think I’ll play this on WSHC tomorrow morning.

I hope some of our Gubernatorial Primary candidates watch this and decide it’s better to come out against fracking than it is to accept corporate fracking money.

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  1. Oil essentially owns Oklahoma..well, the parts that agribusiness doesn’t, anyway. Our illustrious governatrix declared a day of prayer for oil fields. No, not kidding.

    Fracking, and the many other processes of land based oil reclamation are dangerous and highly pollutive, just as oil money is dangerous and highly pollutive to our political process.

    I am enjoying the current GOP money trough feeding frenzy. It is simple: Just keep track of all of the people who vote against getting rid of oil company tax rebates and tax payer funded incentives, and vote accordingly in 2012. They are hanging themselves on a rope made of oily money.

    And I could not be happier to pull the switch.

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