I get more and more angry at the stupidity of conservatives… take Louisiana…

The State of Louisiana says there’s no such thing as evolution. There’s no such thing as climate change. And that’s the law.

Outrageous as it sounds, this is the situation that thousands of science teachers find themselves in as more and more states pass radical laws promoting the teaching of creationism and climate-change denial in public classrooms.

On April 15, Sen. Karen Carter Peterson introduced SB 70 to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act.

From MoveOn.org:

Teaching creationism, which is a religious belief, is in clear violation of Supreme Court rulings on the subject (one of which, Edwards v. Aguillard, originated in Louisiana).  

The young people of Louisiana deserve the best possible scientific education. Creationism is not science, and teaching it as science leaves our students at a disadvantage when competing in the global economy. 

The teaching of Evolution is sound science and is also compatible with religious faith, a position that is supported by all mainstream religious denominations.

The Louisiana Science Education Act costs jobs. The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology cancelled its 2011 convention in New Orleans to protest this law.  How many others will do the same?  How many businesses will locate elsewhere because they want well trained scientists?  How many researchers will take their talents elsewhere or never come to Louisiana because of this anti-science law?

The bill is already producing its intended result. The Livingston Parish School Board is taking steps to act on the legislation’s goals. According to an account in the July 24, 2010, Baton Rouge Advocate, board member David Tate said: “We let them teach evolution to our children, but I think all of us sitting up here on this School Board believe in Creationism. Why can’t we get someone with religious beliefs to teach Creationism?”  Fellow board member Clint Mitchell responded, “I agree … Teachers should have the freedom to look at creationism and find a way to get it into the classroom.”

Louisiana Capital at Baton Rouge

12 day ago, Louisiana high school student Zack Kopplin organized a march on the state capital and wa joined by High School students seeking a meaningful civil education. They protested the Louisiana Science Education Act. Quite the opposite of its name, the bill, passed in 2008, gives public school teachers the ability to teach creationism in their science classes.

You can join the students in protesting this barbaric religious law.

I just signed the petition “Tell Louisiana to teach real science in public schools, not creationism and climate change denial” and I hope you will add your name. The goal is to reach 50,000 signatures and more support is needed. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Thanks, Bill.


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  1. I could allow myself to be angry at the audacity of far-left neo-Marxists (like yourself) for trying to enforce their personal beliefs in man-made Global Warming, and for conflating the origins and purposes of life with the study of the mechanics of the theory of evolution over all other studies, and for pushing that same far-left ideology without even wanting to allow any other thought or research (the SCIENCE is SETTLED!).

    Evolution is a proven, measurable fact, on a small scale. Evolution does NOT, nor can it ever, explain the origin of life, the spark that set in motion the rest of the process that allows us to thrive on a planet so well-situated in orbit that the triple-point of water can occur naturally. Just a little further out or in this orbit, and no carbon-based life on this planet. Nice of one to think of us, eh?

    And, the millions of years of oil-pool formation, prior to humans actually becoming smart enough to use it. Nice placement, no?

    Explain the evolutionary necessity of caterpillars moving into a pupal stage, then to butterflies. There’s no need for it; how does that happen randomly? And, cicadas. Go outside and listen to the sound of the failure of evolutionary theory to explain what you’re hearing.

    And you have a soul, whether you want to accept it or not. Your soul is a piece of something else; whether that be a God that’s written of in human hand or not, your quest was to know that and use it for good.

    So, little man, know this: you’ve no right to be angry at anyone but yourself, because you’ve no control over anyone but yourself. Certainly not of me.

    Oh, and the moving camels blow goats. FWIW.

  2. Well, I ended up in the Army due to some issues with college funding, and growing up poor white trash I did not have many options. So I eventually became a blood banker. I have always loved science, and take the attacks heaped upon it personally. I am also a Pastafarian. http://Www.venganza.org for the uninitiated. I have decided that if ever pushed to either teach creationism or soft sell evolutionary theory I will come to school dressed in full pirate regalia and teach the gospel of the FSM.

    Also, I find that with many problems in the USA, few people climb in and get involved. Most just complain and wait for someone else to fix it. I took my kid to her first protest rally in February because of this. We all need to get involved locally, in some small way or another.

  3. I grew up and went to school in Louisiana just post Edwards V. Aguillard. We still had creationism in our science text books. My teacher just ignored it. Now, I am about to embark on my career as a science teacher in Oklahoma. I have spent years in the US Army trying to teach laboratory science to kids who had a shoddy science education.

    I have decided the solution starts with me, and I applaud Zach and the 40 Nobel Laureates who stood with him.

    • Bryan… thanks for that comment. If we can get enough teachers who decide that the solution starts with them and not with some school board, then we will certainly achieve educational standards of worth.







    • dzul:
      What in hell are you talking about… are you for or against evolution?
      I note that “kitabqu” is Swahili for “book”, but clicking your URL doesn’t lead to anything. I almost considered this spam, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

  5. sue haberland

    Keep religion where it belongs…..church!!

  6. Hey Bill, congratulations on your new website. This piece is more than just disturbing. It’s too close to the way things will be from now on unless we can convince more than half the electorate that THIS STUFF IS CRAZY. We’ve become a nation of stupids — they’re threatening to take over and if we waste time sitting back to laugh at them, they win and we lose.

    (BTW, as much as I like what you’ve done here the moving explosions on the sides are really distracting. I almost didn’t read your piece because of them. It may be just me but it’s something to consider. Not everybody likes all that commotion!)

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