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Here’s something I agree with 100% – but it won’t happen.

I picked this up over at BuzzFlash:

Let Congress Test Out Paul Ryan‘s Medicare Plan on Themselves and Their Families: That Would Kill It Right Quick


Why is this man smiling?

If the politicians in DC are so serious about deficit reduction, then why don’t they start by cutting their own pay, health care benefits and pensions?

Doesn’t budget control begin at home?

And if Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan is so terrific, why don’t Ryan and other Congressional supporters of his budget immediately pass a bill that will replace their health care benefits with the Ryan plan?

In fact, why not run a test program with the Koch brothers, members of their Americans for Prosperity and elderly Tea Party supporters? All of them should volunteer to immediately go on the Ryan Medicare, drastically limited “voucher program” – which would leave a high percentage of seniors unable to afford medical insurance – as sort of a test model of Ryan’s plans for privatizing and shrinking Medicare.

Then we can see the actual results of a plan that would raise health care costs by adding the profits of corporations and administrative costs to Medicare, while drastically reducing benefits due to the small amount of money allocated to vouchers for each senior – and the for-profit insurance industry profit motivation to deny as much care as possible.

If Ryan is the “visionary” much of the corporate media makes him out to be, let Americans see his “vision” actualized by a trial implementation of his proposed program.

Let Ryan be the first volunteer, after he cuts his pay, pension and other Congressional benefits.

So what do you think? Any chance Ryan and his buddies will take Mark Karlin up on this one?

Yeah… you bet.

A Quote for Today – Why in hell are Republicans so eager to get back to offshore oil drilling?

The House gave us a new piece of garbage last week: The Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act, which passed 266 to 144 with 33 Democrats buying into the scheme, orders the Department of the Interior to move quickly to offer three leases to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Virginia. The bill demands that the leases be executed by next year.

But this is not going to reduce the price at the pump, no matter what they say…

Ask Mike Lynch of Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc.( referring not just to those four leases, but to expanding all U.S. drilling):

“It’s not going to change the price of oil overnight, and it’s probably not going to have a huge impact on the price of oil ever.

“You might, under really optimistic scenarios, over five or six years, add 2 million barrels a day of production. On a global scale, it’s significant. But we would still be big importers — we would still be dependent on foreign oil.”

So I am asking once again, why in hell are Republicans so eager to get back to offshore oil drilling? I would guess that, with elections upcoming, there is a lot of oil money in the candidates’ pockets.

This is turning into a week of loss… Arthur Laurents, giant of Broadway writers, dies at 93…

Arthur Laurents earlier this year.

He wrote the libretti to Gypsy, West Side Story, Anyone Can Whistle, Hallelujah, Baby, La Cage Au Folles and the plays Home of the Brave, The Time of the Cuckoo and The Bird Cage, among so many others.  In 1973 he wrote the screenplay for the Redford/Streisand film The Way We Were. In his very early career he wrote for radio, especially the Lux Playhouse.

Arthur Laurents was the Dean of Broadway writers, working with other greats like Jule Styne, Stephen Sondheim, Jerome Robbins and Leonard Bernstein. He was also a director of stature, often directing productions he had written.

From the NY Daily News:

His agent, Jonathan Lomma, said Laurents died “peacefully in his sleep.”

Lomma told the Los Angeles Times that Laurents upon his death wanted it noted that “he was predeceased by his partner, Tom Hatcher, with whom he had lived in happiness for more than 50 years.”

He worked right up the end of his life. In 2008 he directed the Broadway revival of Gypsy starring Patty LuPone, for which he won the Tony for Best Director of a Musical.
He died of complications from pneumonia.
This is someone who will really be missed… whose career provided so much for so many other creative people.