Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

I’m very proud of my son…

Elly and I just got back from our afternoon at American University in DC watching the Public History presentations… one, of course, was by our son Bud (who is known by everyone else but his parents as Will). We first joined him for a Vegan lunch at Chef Geoff’s down the block from the University. Pleasant conversation and our usual family stuff.

Will Tchakirides at Lunch

The Public History presentations by grad students in the Masters and PhD programs. The big advantage for me is that I finally got a sense of what “Public History” really means and what a Public Historian does. The students gave slide shows of their internships at various museums and National Parks and places like the Smithsonian’s gardens. They talked about programs they had created for visitors, participation exercises for children and other adventures (like the award Bud and his partners won at the Public History Conference in Pensacola, FL, last month.

Group Presentation by first year Masters students

The graduating Masters and PhD students did individual, 10 minute presentations.






We, of course, came to see Bud, who didn’t disappoint.

All in all, we had a great afternoon… by the time we got home to two hysterical dogs who were convinced they would never see us again we had a lot of reactions to a fine program to discuss.

Off to DC this morning…

Elly and I are heading off the Washington DC this morning, first to have lunch with our son, Bud, at Chef Geoff’s, then to see him make a presentation at American University where he is a graduate student.

I probably won’t be back to the blog until quite late, but I’ll bring my laptop with me in case I find a WiFi area to check in from.

– Bill