Daily Archives: May 1, 2011

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Defining the Issues

Pat Bagley in the Salt Lake Tribune:

It’s time to review the Issues…

– and –

Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Like what we are going to do to keep our country open…

– and –

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald Leader:

…and if Obama has proved he was born in Hawaii, what can we hold him responsible for now?

– and –

Tom Toles in The Washington Post:

… and who will the Republicans run after all?

In Case you missed the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last night…

Here’s the fun that Obama and Seth Meyers had with Donald Trump…

I don’t think The Donald has much of a sense of humor… he certainly couldn’t take the kind of attacks that he hands out… there’s Obama’s strength,

And did you know Michelle Bachman was born in Canada? 🙂