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F.A.R.M. (Food Art Revolution Media)

Went to a very interesting lecture and panel discussion on the need to expand locally grown organic food and the battle against companies like Monsanto and Dow that are poisoning our food supply.

The speakers were Dan and Melinda Hemmelgarn out of Columbia, Missouri, and they combined the skills of photography and dietetics with a heavy dose of activism. They were co-presented by AHA and the Source. Although the audience was fairly small, the excitement of the discussion after the 7:00 PM presentation lasted until close to 10 PM.

Even after the panel there was still continued discussion over a variety of delicious goodies.

Clips from the web

A little bit of this, a little bit of that… more than I can get around to. Click on the authors’ links to read their whole posts

Rhode Island House Republican Leader Robert Watson is the latest living example of the Republican difficulty with practicing what they preach. Watson is fervently anti-Marijuana, but last Friday night he was pulled over and arrested for DUI and marijuana possession.

According to The Providence-Journal, “After handcuffing Watson and placing him under arrest, the arresting police officer said he found “a small plastic sandwich bag containing a green leafy plant-like substance and a small wooden marijuana smoking pipe” in Watson’s right pants pocket.”

from Politicus USA

– and –

John Boehner

John Boehner

Speaker Boehner says the Ryan plan “transforms Medicare into a plan that’s very similar to the President’s own healthcare bill.”

Only older people are sicker and more expensive to cover and Ryan doesn’t provide the funds for seniors to buy care. Beside that they’re identical.

 – Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo

– and –

The wage squeeze is putting most households in a double bind. Before the recession, they’d been able to pay the bills because they had two paychecks. Now, they’re likely to have one-and-a half, or just one, and it’s shrinking.

 – Robert Reich

The Return of Olbermann – a Date is Set.

Hooray! Keith Olbermann will be back on Monday, June 20, at 8 PM Eastern… the network? Current TV (The one Al Gore is a major investor in).

What’s even better is what he is going to call the new show: Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

As Keith said when making the announcement vis-a-vis the show name:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I guess I’m going to have to catch MSNBC on the re-run.

A Quote for the Morning from Chris Hedges:

“The systems of information, owned or dominated by corporations, keep the public entranced with celebrity meltdowns, gossip, trivia and entertainment. There are no national news or intellectual forums for genuine political discussion and debate. The talking heads on Fox or MSNBC or CNN spin and riff on the same inane statements by Sarah Palin or Donald Trump. They give us lavish updates on the foibles of a Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen. And they provide venues for the powerful to speak directly to the masses. It is burlesque.”

Read the rest of the article, The Corporate State Wins Again, on Truthdig.

I read this piece by Heath Harrison at West Virginia Blue… not a surprise for most of us!

The W.Va. GOP, a party of lunatics and birthers

Public Policy Polling is set to release new W.Va. numbers Tuesday.

Among the things they’re teasing today, via Twitter:

Only 22% of GOP primary voters in WV think Obama was born in U.S….guess who has his first state level polling lead? That means 78 percent are either birthers or not sure. Barely 1 in 5 W.Va. Republicans live in reality.

And bear in mind that this is just the number of those who would go on record and admit it to a pollster. I suspect the actual birther rate is even higher.

And if the person referred to in PPP‘s hint is who we all think it is, W.Va. Republicans will have found yet another way to embarrass the state come tomorrow morning.  

heath_harrison :: The W.Va. GOP, a party of lunatics and birthers

This why I always feel good about living here in good ole West Virginya. I run into these Republicans all over the place… sitting for lunch at Betty’s in Shepherdstown, or standing in the checkout line at Martin’s supermarket in Martinsburg (or the one in Charles Town), or just listening to them as they call into radio programs commenting on the governor’s primaries. And you can’t get them to change their minds by pointing out actual proof that has been accepted by most of the world.

Oh well, maybe these folks won’t find their way to the voting booth in 2012… maybe we should convince them that Republicans will have a special vote on the day AFTER election day. They might believe that, too.