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And on this day of forgiveness and charity we present the Republicans of Michigan…

Rick Snyder

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

You may have seen in the Detroit News web site how Governor Rick Snyder (R) and many of his Senators and Representatives in the State Legislature are bringing their budget in line. They are closing prisons without making arrangements for thousands of prisoners (and eliminating hundreds of jobs), and making major cuts in the Dept. of Human Services, among other things.

They are toughening rules for State Disability Assistance and reducing money for Early Childhood support. And…get this…no more burials for unclaimed bodies of indigents (perhaps they will be put out on the street.)

And then… think of what you can save on the clothing of foster children:

Caswell - the Used Clothes Guy

A small part of the DHS savings, about $200,000, would come from adjustments to the clothing allowance for foster children, or children of the working poor, of $79 for school clothes. (Bruce) Caswell (R-Hillsdale) said children will still get close to that $79, but would be issued gift cards that can only be used at the Salvation Army, Goodwill or other thrift stores.

“The reason is you can get a whole lot more in a resale store,” Caswell said.

“Give me a break,” said Gilda Jacobs, president and CEO of the Michigan League for Human Services.

“Government should not be big brother in telling somebody how to spend their (79) dollars,” she said.

I didn’t see them raising any state taxes on Michigan’s rich, however. If you take away their money, who will pay expensive tailors for clothes?

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Situations teach us things…

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald-Leader:

So what do we learn? Nothing?

– and –

Mike Keefe in The Denver Post:

So who will the GOP run? No one?

– and –

Mike Luckovich, Creators Syndicate:

So whose budget plan supports Seniors best? Are you old?

– and –

Clay Jones in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star:

So how hard is it for a woman to manage her own body? Did you ask the conservatives?

…and I couldn’t resist an extra cartoon, off theme, for Easter:

From Mr. Fish on Truthdig.

Easter… I’m over at my daughter’s house…

Both my daughters, Cassandra and Penny, are at Penny’s house for Easter with all my grandsons. So that’s where I am this morning.

Image representing Adobe Flash as depicted in ...

I’m on Penny’s Mac and she uses Safari which I can never really get used to (I’m a Firefox guy)… I started on her iPad, but since I use a lot of  Adobe’s Flash on my blog, the Home

Page won’t even come up.  Anyway, here I am stumbling my way through.

We’re all going over to Blue Moon for lunch, then Cassandra, Matthew, and my grandson, Milo, are heading back on the 4-hour drive to Connecticut. Milo has school tomorrow and they need to get back early enough so he gets some sleep tonite.

Elly and I, of course, don’t really celebrate Easter, being certified non-believers, but seeing the kids ransack their Easter baskets is a treat. I grew up in the Easter season when mu father sold Easter baskets in his drugstore and we set up at home for about a month making them… filling them with candy and a big chocolate rabbit in the middle, then putting colored cellophane and a bow on them. What I remember most, heh heh, was sneaking into the dining room where we made the baskets, and taking candies from the stacks and stacks of boxes we got from the distributor. And there was a HUGE box of loose jellybeans… my favorite… to grab a handful from.

I look at that now from my position as an aging diabetic and realize that I’ve gotten my just reward.

I’ll be back later to update the blog.