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My front door is blue!

Well, a grayish blue that matches the shutters on the second and third floor windows. I’ve been wondering for close to three years why they put a beige door on our Town House and then put on shutters that didn’t match.

Of course, to put in the time for this I needed to keep Byron, our younger and more agile dog who is always looking for a way to escape, out on the back deck. Nestle, our 12-year-old Lab just lay down on the top of the steps and watched the whole experience.

Once it is dry I can put the kickplate and doorknocker back on… but I think I’ll put that off until tomorrow.

I’ve got to say, this was a lot better than spending the time watching what these goddam politicians are doing with our country.

“Photo Bombers” bring labor mural back to Maine’s Capitol Building for 2 hours…

A group called BrokeFix in protest of the removal of the Labor Mural from the Maine Capitol in Augusta by the Right Wing Governor did what was called a “Photo Bomb” demonstration to bring the mural back.

Powered by a car battery, they projected the mural on the outside of the Capitol Building for two hours.

Take a look:

The USDoL had put up more than $36,000 to help commission the mural. If it is not put back in actuality, the citizens of Maine will likely have to return the grant money.

Women raped in Idaho can forget about abortions… it’s God’s will.

The Idaho House has passed legislation already approved by their Senate which bans abortions even in the case of rape.

God's Agent in Idaho

The bill’s House sponsor, state Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa, told legislators that the “hand of the Almighty” was at work. “His ways are higher than our ways.”

12 states are now considering similar legislation.

This clip is from PoliticsUSA… go in and read the whole thing (and try not to vomit).

clipped from www.politicususa.com
You probably remember Nevada Republican Sharron Angle’s rape lemonade. Angle claimed that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and insisted that she told young victims she had counseled to look for alternatives to abortion, “And they found that they had made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade.” It is Angle’s opinion that women should have no control over their reproductive systems even in cases of rape and incest because it would interfere with God’s plan.
Because nobody likes raping young girls like God, right Sharron?
Angle may have been defeated, Nevada women safe (at least temporarily) but if Idaho Republicans have their way, rape lemonade will be the only remedy to pregnancies caused by rape in that state.
The Idaho House on Tuesday passed Senate Bill 1165 on a 54-14 vote, which bans abortion after 20 weeks on grounds of fetal pain.
The only way a woman can get an abortion is if the pregnancy threatens her life or physical health. For Republicans, rape is no excuse.
Credit to them, all 13 of Idaho’s House Democrats voted against the bill. One Republican voted against it as well: Rep. Tom Trail, R-Moscow. blog it

Someone referred to the Republicans in Idaho as the “Idaho Taliban” and it’s a name that I think will stick.

Quote of the Day

… from Ezra Klein in the Washington Post, regarding the budget deal Obama made with Boehner on Friday night:

Right now, the economy is weak. Giving into austerity will weaken it further, or at least delay recovery for longer. And if Obama does not get a recovery, then he will not be a successful president, no matter how hard he works to claim Boehner’s successes as his own.

It’s worth your time to read the whole column HERE.