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Quote of the Day – heard on Hardball

“Iowa is a Roach Motel for Republicans.”

-Bill Maher

Loved it as soon as I heard it. He commented on how they crawl in crazy (the Birthers, the Bachmanns, etc.) and most don’t crawl out. 🙂


American artist George Tooker dies at 90…

Landscape with Figures

His work was associated with both the Magic Realism and Social Realism movements, but George Tooker‘s paintings were like none other. He studied at the Art Student’s League after having gotten a degree in English from Harvard and a brief stint in the Marine Corps.

He was raised in and Episcopalian family but became a Catholic, an influence that often  appeared in his paintings.

His paintings are icons in contemporary American art. He came of age in the 1930s; he studied with Paul Cadmus, and he learned how to work in egg tempera, a painterly technique developed in the Renaissance which produces a luminous quality yet requires meticulous application.

The Subway

Early in his career Tooker was often compared with other painters such as Andrew Wyeth, and Edward Hopper, as well as Cadmus.

Tooker lived for many years in Hartland, Vermont. He died on March 27th of kidney failure.