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I missed this one last Wednesday…

… but here it is:

RIP: Dorothy Young, the last-known surviving stage assistant of legendary illusionist Harry Houdinipassed away yesterday at the age of 103.

Young was hired by Houdini at an open casting call which she attended at 17 during a family trip to New York. She spent a year touring with the great escapologist, leaving just two months prior to Houdini’s death in October of 1926.

Young went on to marry a wealthy New York businessman with whom she formed a dance act that became known for inventing the Latin dance “rumbalero.” She also starred in several movies, and published a novel about her time with Houdini.

Interestingly enough, Young’s death occurred a day before her former employer’s 137th birthday, commemorated by Google with a special logo doodle.

Young’s death was announced by Drew University, where she was a prominent donor and patron of the arts. She died wealthy and left a large donation to Drew. Thanks to her0in.chic for the post.

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Elly and I Hosted A Community Garden Meeting Today

Elly and her Sustainable Shepherdstown group, along with local impressario Peter Corum, are organizing a Community Garden in cooperation with Peter’s Morgan Grove Market project just down the road from out house. Today, we hosted an informational meeting for interested parties… we had 12 in attendance (there were several who were interested and called to say they couldn’t make the meeting, but they want in.) Everyone seemed pretty excited.

Yesterday, Peter arranged to have the 100 square feet set aside for the set of 10′ x 10′ garden plots roto-tilled and fertilized. This was done with volunteers and by calling in some favors.

The weather held out well to get everything done.

Here’s the group who worked the land:

Anyone interested in getting involved in Sustainable Shepherdstown’s Community Garden (at a cost of $20.00 for a 10 x 10 for the whole season) should go to http://sustainableshepherdstown.org or send an email to esmithart30@yahoo.com.

Me? I’m assigned to watering our plot.

Waiting for my Superfocus Glasses…

I’m now in the sixth week of waiting for my Superfocus glasses to be delivered… and the estimated delivery date is May 18th.

That’s right… it takes these guys 12 weeks to make a pair of these amazing, adjustable glasses.

I am so looking forward to getting rid of these bifocals and being able to focus at any distance with just a flick of a finger… however, the wait is almost unbearable.

I originally got interested in these when I saw a couple of TV ads with Penn Jillette and Joel Grey ,  then the ads started popping up all over the web… so I went to their site (www.superfocus.com) and got more information about them.

To start with, they are NOT CHEAP. Starting at around $600.00, by the time you get the extras, like scratch proof lenses (or shades) and different length and color of temples, you are easily up to $700.00 or $800.00. So I weighed the costs of getting either bifocals, or separate reading glasses and distance glasses, and the fact that these will function longer without prescription changes… and that they would just be easier to adapt to my aging eyes. Then I decided to order them. I went to my optometrist to get an eye exam and a prescription for the glasses (you have to get a little more than the usual amount of info because each pair is sized to the particular distance between your eyes only) and I called in my order.

Now I wait.

And I wait.

Has anyone else had a longer than usual waiting experience for these?

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Political Questions

Questions as we approach next year’s election season:

John Sherffius in the Boulder Daily Camera:

So what does history teach us about the need for Union organizing?

– and –

RJ Matson in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

So what is life like in states that make Corporations negotiate with Unions?

– and –

Steve Greenberg at Gre:enberg-art.com

So who actually controls the Tea-Partyers?

– and –

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald-Leader:

So what do those Corporations plan to sell us for energy?

– and –

Clay Bennett in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

So what hypocrisy is brought to us by the Tea Party movement?

– and –

Pat Oliphant in the Washington Post:

So what candidates  do these guys bring out?