Conservative Canadian Govt. Brought Down Yesterday…

The Parliamentary System is so practical. Too bad w can’t do it here…at least in the states with Tea Party Governors.

This from HuffPo:

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TORONTO — Canadian opposition parties brought down the Conservative government in a no confidence vote Friday, triggering an election that polls show the Conservatives will win.
The opposition parties held Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s government in contempt of Parliament in a 156-145 vote for failing to disclose the full financial details of his tougher crime legislation, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase stealth fighter jets
Opinion polls expect Harper’s Conservative Party to win re-election but not a majority, meaning he likely will continue to govern with a minority in Parliament, dependent on opposition votes to stay afloat.
But in the latest twist, there is a chance the left-of-center parties might join forces in a coalition if Harper wins another minority government on the expected election date of May 2.
Harper, 51, is a career politician who has spent the last five years emphasizing a more conservative Canadian identity and moving Canada incrementally to the right.
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  1. If only Bill. Our own form seems to have broken down after these centuries. I don’t see changes in our future, just more disfunction. And we all know what that leads to . . . Jefferson gets his wish!

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