Quote of the Day – Is Libya the Women’s War?

“Silly, sexist me. Yesterday, I associated military action against Libya with testosterone. As the New York Times reports today, the pressure for action came Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and the NSC human rights expert Samantha Power–with the macho boys over at the Pentagon opposed. This may be a first in American history, a welcome one I might add–although I remain extremely skeptical about military action and heartened that the President seems intent on letting other countries take the lead.”

Joe Klein

So who’s in charge?

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  1. Let’s say Canada launched 120 missiles at military installations in the US. American soldiers and civilians were killed. Would anyone suggest that this was not an act of war? So when we do it to Libya, where’s the congressional war declaration or at least a resolution of support? Still waiting.
    How to defend this madness? Hey, we’re protecting civilians. Where’s the protection of civilians in Zimbabwe, Burma or Congo? Or is the argument that Bush kinda sorta did this sort of thing. OK, I get it. Obama’s copied Bush’s Guantanamo policy so why not go the whole hog. Barrack Hussein Bush. Sounds macho. Do you folks in government not get that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not worked out? So we triple down. Hello.

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