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God Is Not Great by George Hrab

The other night on Letterman, Steve Martin and his Bluegrass Group per formed their Atheist Song, saying it was the only such composition

Then I heard George Hrab’s God Is Not Great… and now there are two:

This from Salon this morning: A great piece by David Sirota:

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The states’ legislative sadists

Mad scientists of lawmaking are looking to go medieval on America. Here are six examples

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said that states are the “laboratories of

Louis Brandeis Associate Justice c1916
Justice Brandeis

democracy.” Oft repeated over time, the aphorism has helped impart legitimacy to the rough and tumble of state lawmaking. We’ve heard “laboratory” and we’ve imagined staid scientists in white coats rigorously testing forward-thinking theories of societal advancement.

It’s certainly a reassuring picture — but there is a darker side of the metaphor. States are indeed laboratories. The problem is that today, those laboratories are increasingly run by mad scientists.

We’re not talking about the usual Dr. Frankensteins trying to bring alive new corporate giveaways through harebrained cuts to social services (though there are those, too). We’re talking about true legislative sadists looking to go medieval on America. Behold just six of the most telling examples:
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Is Your Water at Risk from Fracking?

Here in West Virginia we are very worried as Fracking goes on in the Marcellus Shale.

Here’s some info:

This from Cory Doctorow in Boing Boing:

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UN approves military intervention to protect Free Benghazi

The UN Security Council has approved air strikes against Gadaffi loyalist forces and the Gadaffi mercenary army as they advance on “Free Benghazi,” the Libyan rebel stronghold. In response, Gadaffi told a Portuguese TV station,

“This is craziness, madness, arrogance. If the world gets crazy with us we will get crazy too. We will respond. We will make their lives hell because they are making our lives hell. They will never have peace.”

The no-fly zone and intervention will be enforced with support from Arab League members who earlier passed a resolution calling on the UN to take action (the Arab League has always had a fraught relationship with Gadaffi, whose presence at League meetings has been marked by the aforementioned “crazy”).

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7.11pm ET: US enforcement of a no-fly zone in Libya could begin by Sunday or Monday, according to anonymous US officials quoted by AP, and would involve “jet fighters, bombers and surveillance aircraft”.
Looks like we start up another one, this time under the auspices of the UN.