Show support for the Wisconsin 14…

Andrew Leonard pointed out in a Salon article today that the real value of the 14 Democratic State Senators in Wisconsin who are carrying out their Northern Illinois stall is that they have given the whole country time to see what is really happening in the US Economy. Here’s a clip from his article:

Andrew Leonard in Salon:

The question of who has won or lost Wisconsin, ultimately, will await the next election. But after mulling Hall’s McClatchy article, it’s clear that no matter what the outcome, those renegade senators did achieve a very real thing. They gave the entire nation the time to take a close look at what’s happening — to really examine the figures on pension funds and the role of unions, both private and public, in the U.S. economy. We have the chance now to compare the Republican political agenda with reality. Will we take it?

If you want to thank these heroes for their ongoing stance in support of collective bargaining with public employee unions… with the preservation of unions themselves… here are their e-mail addresses. Let them know they have the support of the majority of Americans.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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