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Happy Darwin Day!

Why do we need killing people in Afghanistan more than the Joys of Art?

I was reading the article in HuffPo quoted below, and frankly I’m pissed. What is it about Republicans that requires them to have a less than intelligent, but militarily more aggressive, country? 

This fragment from HuffPo:

clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com

House Republicans called for cuts in hundreds of programs across the face of government Friday night in a $61 billion savings package toughened at the last minute at the demand of tea party-backed conservatives.

From education to job training, the environment and nutrition, few domestic programs were left untouched – and some were eliminated – in the measure, which is expected to reach the floor for a vote next week.

Among the programs targeted for elimination are Americorps and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
In contrast, spending on defense and veterans’ programs were protected.
U.S.News & World Report notes that liberal groups, along with public radio and television stations, are preparing for a showdown with House Republicans over the budget cut proposal. “Fans of Big Bird and All Things Considered” are reportedly readying for battle as well.
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Look at it as an Adventure…

I’m not supposed to drive… I’ve had still more medications added to the mountain of pills and ocean of shots that I take already…I have this weird feeling all day that I can’t explain that another seizure is coming…and I can’t seem to develop any kind of regular sleeping schedule. I guess I have to look on life right now as an Adventure.

If I thought forty two years ago when I left Northwestern with my MA and set off into the world to start what became one of at least 10 careers that I would be here in West Virginia like this in 2011 with no sense of where I’m going (except down), I might have reconsidered the whole thing and just stayed in Chicago and pursued the Scenic Artists exam there where I was a ringer. It might not have been a better start, but it probably would have been much easier.

But I’m stuck here with what I have and will try to make something out of it. Looking into Podcasting as a regular thing is becoming very attractive.