Bill O’Reilly gets back to God and the Tides…

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. O’Reilly in proving the existence of God made the statement that there must be a deity because we don’t know what causes the tides. Many of us jumped in with the scientifically known fact that the gravitational pull of the moon is what causes the tides. Nuff said.

Not enough for Bill, though. Here is his update comment:

HuffPo made a fine rebuttal comment:

In fact, prevailing scientific theory is that the Moon formed as the result of a massive impact with Earth; Mars has two moons; etc, etc. Bad Astronomy has an exceedingly thorough examination of just how wrong O’Reilly is for those interested in the gory details.

Thus the score remains O’Reilly – Zero, Science – Infinity.

This, of course, will not make the followers of O’Rielly come around to scientific truth. If it could, there would be few things that Billo says that would cause folks to follow him… instead they are as uneducated as he is.


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