Quote of the Day – So, after Olbermann are we next?

“The loss of Keith Olbermann is a bad omen for America. We should be aware of this loss, and do what we can to let others know its impact — how much of democracy we have lost. I’m sure if George Orwell were alive today, he would weep at this atrocity. Just as we should, but we must also stand strong against these oligarchs. We must realize that they are in control; we must support our alternative media sites so long as we can — because soon they will be taking our websites down by raising prices and by other underhanded means to silence all dissent — even on the Internet.”

– Sam Hamod, Ph.D., at http://www.todaysalternativenews.com

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  1. The loss of one media spokesperson still leaves the left with every major newspaper,every major TV network(except fox), every major movie studio, every major universoty campus, two branches of government and most of DOJ which enforces our laws so please don’t fret

    • Kemp… I guess you haven’t read major newspapers, listened to hundreds of radio stations or don’t realize how far to the right ABC and most of the cable stations are. Major movie studios have been mostly conservative since the days of Louis B. Mayer (just ask your Jewish friends how much the leaders of the Cinema, conservative Jews, did to protest the Holocaust… mostly out of fear that the Christian right would stop going to their movies.) This business about the left-oriented media is something that was dreamed up on the right and promoted over and over by the Limbaughs of the world (who are actually running most of the media). And don’t get me started on college campuses… not since the change in funding sources that started with Reagan.

  2. That’s a scary thought. I agree, we must be loud while we can in hopes that this draws strength in our voices to allow us to move forward.

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