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And for New Year’s Eve, some Bob and Ray:

Happy New Year from Under The LobsterScope.

Do you use IMDb?

I spend so much time reviewing information on films I am about to watch on TCM or IFC or AMC (to find out reviews, casts, directors and designers) that sometimes I think I live on the Internet Movie Database. That’s why I was interested in this article out of the UK (The Mail) on where IMDb was born and the man who runs it (it’s now owned by Amazon.com). 

Here’s the opening of the article, but it is worth going in and reading the whole thing (you can do that by clicking HERE):

clipped from www.dailymail.co.uk

Revealed: How the world’s biggest movie website is run by a ‘self-confessed geek’ from a house in Bristol

Daily Mail Reporter

  • 43-year-old compiled info on 3.2m actors and industry professionals
  • Founded firm in 1990 and still works as chief exec despite selling to Amazon
  • Sale price has been kept a secret but founder and volunteers netted cash and Amazon stock
The founder of one of the most successful websites in the world has been unveiled as a self-confessed technology geek who still runs the website from his former family home in Bristol.

Colin Needham, from Stoke Gifford, began the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) in 1990 as a hobby, and now the website is the 42nd most popular on the planet, attracting some 57million unique users every month.

Such is the power and influence it wields, IMDb – which has information on over 3.2million actors and industry professionals and a database of more than 1.5million films – has the ability to launch and crush Hollywood careers.