Daily Archives: December 27, 2010

I don’t know… I needed entertainment tonite…

So here’s “Don’t Go Breakin My Heart” as it was done at the end of Ella Enchanted… take that Elton John!

…and here’s the Disney version:

I played the Elton John / Kiki Dee original on the the radio show this morning. Don’t know why, but the song stuck in my head all day.

We missed the blizzard here on the WV Eastern Panhandle…

The storm stayed to our east and effected the coastline all the way up to New England. New York City was snowed in this morning, with closed airports and really slow moving traffic through semi-plowed streets.

My daughter Cassandra and my grandson Milo left Connecticut before the storm to get down here to stay with her sister (where we are all going for dinner tonite), and my son and his fiancee got out of Connecticut early, too, heading for DC last night.

We had a few snowflakes that didn’t leave a trace of anything… but it has been cold and quite windy here in Shepherdstown. Hope your weather is bearable today.