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The Sunday Morning I look forward to every year…

I don’t know what it is, but I have a fondness (as those who read this blog know) for obituaries recognizing artists, performers and major influences of my generation. That’s why I can’t miss the CBS Sunday Morning program at the end of each year that looks at the major figures of our culture who died in the past year.

It is a salute that I have been watching since the days of the late Charles Kuralt… years of observances that focus on people who defined what we do and who we are… those who showed us the way to live or taught us lessons of the way not to. Now we have Charles Osgood who brings the same remembrance to our year’s end and, I assume, in the future we’ll have another Charles (or someone else) who will carry it on.

This year we see Dennis Hopper,  Alexander Haig, Erich Segal, Ted Sorenson and more… what a mix! Lena Horne, Fess Parker, Art Clunky (who created Gumby), Louise Bourgeois, Glen Bell (founder of Taco Bell), Jimmy Dean, John Forsythe… the list goes on and on. Videos, quotes, books, inventions, newsreels and photographs show these people to us…some that we remember well and some that we need to be reminded of.

I thank CBS and the Sunday Morning folks for this, even if it is only five minutes of farewells to those who died this year.

Hail and Farewell.

The Digital Story of the Nativity

I got a kick out of this (a new way to view an old fiction):