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Just for You Steampunk Fans…

… here’s another preview clip from “1884”, the forthcoming film by Tim Ollive and Dennis De Groot that is being produced by Terry Gilliam:


Roy R. Neuberger Died Yesterday at Age 107…

…here was a guy who showed how the rich ought to live.

In his long and productive life as an investor in so many businesses and companies that kept America in the forefront of Industry, he as also one of the greatest committed art collectors in the world, leaving thousands of works by 20th Century contemporaries to over 70 institutions, including the major basis of the Roy R. Neuberger Museum in Purchase, NY.

From the NY Times:

Like any collector, Mr. Neuberger rued the ones that got away. He remembered passing up a Grant Wood painting as well as refusing to pay $300 for a Jasper Johns in the late 1950s. One time a dealer offered him a Picasso sculpture for $1,500, but he declined because he was buying works only by American artists. “I was such a square that I stupidly didn’t buy it,” he told The New York Times in an interview in 2003.

Mr. Neuberger bought all his works himself, usually through dealers. And his taste ran toward the bold. “I liked adventuresome work that I often didn’t understand,” he told The Times as he was celebrating his 100th birthday. “For art to be very good it has to be over your head.”

But he said he enjoyed the challenge that the work posed to the viewer. “Those who understand the mysteries of art,” he said, “are made happier by doing so.”

Neuberger went into the office and worked until age 99… he was primarily self-taught as an investor and as an art collector. He was married to his wife, Marie, who died in 1997 for 64 years.

This was, indeed, a great man.

And One More Cartoon for Christmas Morning…

… from Pat Oliphant.

How our world has changed over the last 30 years. It is almost unbearable.

Have a nice Holiday anyway.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Did the Republicans have a Merry Week Before Christmas?

Rob Rogers in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Everyone showed their true colors in Congress in the last week…
– and –

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald leader

… even if their vote would mean ultimate disaster for the country…
– and –

Tony Auth in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

… but eventually the things they voted down will come back to haunt them…
– and –

David Horsey in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

… and there won’t be any money left to get us out of trouble.


Merry Christmas…