Cartoon(s) of the Week – We’ve compromised without knowing how to pay off the debt…

Tony Auth in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Perhaps we really believe that we can, eventually, get out from under our debt to China

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LUOJIE in the China DailyBeijing, China

I don’t think the Chinese are expecting a payoff soon…

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Lisa Benson of the Washington Post News Group:

… and a short term win can have REAL consequences…

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Steve Sack in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

… of course, when the Republicans take over Congress, it may be clear that the Democrats have LEARNED from them.

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  1. Our debt to China is denominated in dollars. We can get out from under our debt from China by simply having the Federal Reserve print freshly minted $100 bills and flying pallets of them to Beijing. It’s called the PRINTING PRESS, and China knows this, which is why it’s been diversifying its investment portfolio away from Treasuries recently. But since our grifter class (oops, “upper class”) has been buying the Treasuries instead because their mattresses are already overstuffed, that hasn’t resulted in any problems finding buyers for Treasuries… much the contrary, Treasuries are so hot a commodity right now as a mattress substitute that in some cases they’re selling for *NEGATIVE* interest!

    It always amuses me that people forget that money is just toilet paper with pictures of dead people on it. Real wealth is the stuff you *buy* with money. We have the stuff China sold us. China has the toilet paper. Who, indeed, is the sucker here? :).

    – Badtux the Monetary Penguin

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