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OK… DADT is now history… the Senate has voted it out and the bill is on its way to Obama.

So the score so far today is Democrats 1 (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is voted out), Republicans 1 (Dream act voted down… actually, it didn’t get passed the 61 vote filibuster requirement). Tomorrow they will be debating and maybe voting on the START treaty… whoever wins on that one will break the score.


I hope Harry Reid can keep everyone there until the work is done.

A Zappadan Saturday…


The famous Mike Nesmith and Frank Zappa switcheroo from the Monkees:


Inca Roads from the One Size Fits All album:

and finally… Here is the Zappa piece I use whenever I host the Winners and Losers show for John Case on WSHC, Elvis has Just Left The Building from the Broadway The Hard Way album:

(That’s my favorite.)

The Dream Act went down due to a filibuster by Republicans…

This is so unfortunate, since it effects children who have spent most of their lives here and know no other country. If it hadn’t been for the filibuster, it would have passed.

If I was Dick Durbin today, after pushing for this legislation for a decade, I would certainly try to keep my confidence up, even if it takes ANOTHER decade to get it through.

Voting this bill down has cost us students, citizens, soldiers and participants in the economy. Now that the Republicans take over the House in January (and the number of Republicans increase in the Senate), the fight over this legislation will be even harder next year. It will be important for Democrats to keep the intensity up over the idea of welcoming these young people into our citizenry as opposed to shutting them out. And they certainly will have support at this blog.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – We’ve compromised without knowing how to pay off the debt…

Tony Auth in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Perhaps we really believe that we can, eventually, get out from under our debt to China

= and =

LUOJIE in the China DailyBeijing, China

I don’t think the Chinese are expecting a payoff soon…

= and =

Lisa Benson of the Washington Post News Group:

… and a short term win can have REAL consequences…

= and =

Steve Sack in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

… of course, when the Republicans take over Congress, it may be clear that the Democrats have LEARNED from them.

One of the reasons why you have to admire Obama…

He takes ordinary responsibilities seriously.
clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com
He may be leader of the free world, but when he takes his dog for a walk, President Barack Obama says he bends down to do the nasty work of cleaning up like anyone else.

Answering questions Friday from youngsters at an elementary school, Obama described going for nighttime walks with first dog Bo on the White House South Lawn. He says that’s fun. But, Obama says, “Sometimes I have to scoop up his poop, because I don’t want to just leave it in the lawn!”

The response from the kids: “Eeew!”

Obama admonished them: “If you guys have a dog, you’ve got to walk your dog, too – and clean up after him.”

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Saturday Morning and the Senate is In Session…

… and I’m watching to see if Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed.

A procedural vote is expected by noon. If at least 60 senators vote to advance the bill as expected, the legislation could pass as early as late afternoon. Republicans could demand extended debate time, but early indications were that they may not draw the process out further. We’ll see.

This, if it passes, will be the completion of another 2008 election promise by Obama and a successful manipulation by Harry Reid. What Senator McCain tries in holding it off could be interesting.