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Frank Zappa being interviewed by Studs Terkel in 1968…

… discussing LUMPY GRAVY.

This was in August of the year that I did my version of Lumpy Gravy at Northwestern on stage and later in Chicago at the Kinetic Playground.

Ah, memories.

Zappadan – Day 12 – Dancin’ Fool

Watching the Senate stage an intelligence dump as they go through Tax Cut votes…

I don’t know if  any of this stuff is really believable. I watched a gloomy couple of hours of debate this morning when the Republicans held off any changes in the Obama-McConnell Tax Cut extension, keeping Democratic changes from coming into play. Now I’m watching as all the amendments proposed by Republicans and Bernie Sanders get voted down (they need a 2/3 majority under these rules), which, I think, it was previously agreed upon.

I guess they will then put the 61 votes necessary behind the Bill as written (and complain about how they HAD to do it… especially from the Democratic side)… and then it will go to the House and go through the same kind of brouhaha with the same results.

I wish I felt that the main motivation here wasn’t “vote for it now so we can go home for Christmas” or some other pathetic excuse. But it seems pretty clear that this will be a day cheered on by the rich, who will make out like bandits for the next couple of years. Sanders’ amendment, which is currently being voted (down, I’m sure… there’s no way it can get the 67 Aye votes necessary) which would remove the tax cuts from the top 2%. As I watch them muddle around on the Senate floor I am more and more aware that this is a crowd of rich people… many who became rich by becoming Senators. Why would they vote against themselves?

And then there’s my Senator, Joe Manchin, and Joe “the sleeze” Lieberman who are voting NO with the Republicans on taxing the rich.

This is going to be even more fun in January when there are more Republicans in the Senate and a Republican Majority in the House. We might as well give our country to the Chinese now and get it over with.

Report of an HIV cure using stem cell implant…

Picked this up on McClatchy this morning… and apparently it is legit. There’s a longer article at the Miami Herald link.
clipped from www.mcclatchydc.com
Doctors in Berlin, working with an American patient with both HIV and leukemia, have declared in a peer-reviewed journal that they believe they have cured both illnesses. It would be the first time an HIV patient has been cured.
” ‘Cured’ is a strong word. But this is very encouraging,” said Dr. David Scadden, co-director of the Harvard University Stem Cell Institute. “From all indications, there was no residual virus. It’s as good an outcome as one could hope.”

“I would call this a functional cure,” said Dr. Margaret Fischl, pioneering AIDS researcher at the University of Miami. “It’s on the level and a very remarkable case. But would we do this with an HIV patient? No.”

The treatment is too radical, its side effects too harsh for general use, Fischl said. Still, it opens up new avenues for researchers to create more practical cures, she said.

To read the complete article, visit www.miamiherald.com.
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I’ve added the No Labels website to my Blogroll List under Reform Agenda…

I had to think about this, but I finally thought this was worth keeping an eye on. So I’ve added http://nolabels.org the No Labels site to my list. Now, if this should turn into a real political movement it will stay on. If it dribbles out or gets co-opted by either the Right or the Left I’ll think about removing it.


– Bill