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World’s First Funny Mallard Fillmore Strip!

This thanks to American Politics Journal (this is the first time I’ve seen a Mallard Fillmore strip that I liked!):
clipped from www.apj.us

Dec. 12, 2006 — Bruce Tinsley, conservative cartoonist and
mastermind behind the humor-challenged strip Mallard Fillmore, was
arrested last week on yet another DUI charge!

Memo to Bruce: this is how to write a strip punchline…

FOX News Channel presents... The Chomsky Factor!

(Hat tip to DU’s
for finding good comic lettering…)

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Unusual Vote Watch in the Senate…

About an hour ago the Senate started moving forward the Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits bill (actually based on HR 4853) and, since they need to get 60 votes to pass it, this is being held open so all Senators can vote. Given the weather conditions nationwide, some Senators have had trouble getting back from the weekend, and I am not sure who we are waiting for and how long they will continue to hold it open.

At the one hour mark the vote was 58 – 6 in favor of passage. The 6 NO votes so far are all Democrats (Bingaman, Feingold, Leahy, Sanders, Gillibrand and the Udall from Colorado.) You can see Senators wandering in here and there on screen and the Senate Pages wandering around and talking to each other. They are in the W’s on the Roll Call and the fellow with the list is calling out  vote results (so far, I guess). Sounds like the AYES are a mix of Dems and Reps. Brown of Ohio just became the seventh NO vote.


Baucus is now the 59th AYE… one more and this passes.  66 have voted so far and that means there are 34 to go, assuming they all vote.

However, Senator Lincoln just voted AYE, so it looks like they have the 60 that pass the measure.

I’m not sure, but I think all this vote means is they move forward now to 30 hours of debate on the final bill. It’s now 63 – 8. The actual, final, real vote on this will not happen until tomorrow or Wednesday, I guess. At an hour and 20 minutes, I’m checking out.

Zappadan Info Page: The Frank Zappa Discography


Zappa by Jeff Wong

Freak Out! (July 1966)

Absolutely Free (April 1967)

Lumpy Gravy (December 1967)

We’re Only In It For The Money (February 1968)

Cruising With Ruben & The Jets (November 1968)

Uncle Meat (March 1969)

Mothermania (April 1969)

Hot Rats (15 October 1969)

Burnt Weeny Sandwich (December 1969)

Weasels Ripped My Flesh (August 1970)

Chunga’s Revenge (23 October 1970)

Fillmore East – June 1971 (August 1971)

200 Motels (October 1971)

Just Another Band From L.A. (March 1972)

Waka/Jawaka (5 July 1972)

The Grand Wazoo (November 1972)

Over-Nite Sensation (7 September 1973)

Apostrophe(‘) (22 March 1974)

Roxy & Elsewhere (10 September 1974)

One Size Fits All (25 June 1975)

Bongo Fury (2 October 1975)

Zoot Allures (29 October 1976)

Zappa In New York (13 March 1978)

Studio Tan (15 September 1978)

Sleep Dirt (12 January 1979)

Sheik Yerbouti (March 3, 1979)

Orchestral Favorites (4 May 1979)

Joe’s Garage (19 November 1979)

Tinseltown Rebellion (11 May 1981)

Shut Up ‘N’ Play Yer Guitar (11 May 1981)

You Are What You Is (September 1981)

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch (May 1982)

The Man From Utopia (March 1983)

Baby Snakes (March 1983)

London Symphony Orchestra vol 1 (9 June 1983)

The Perfect Stranger (23 August 1984)

Them Or Us (18 October 1984)

Thing-Fish (21 November 1984)

Francesco Zappa (21 November 1984)

FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention (21 November 1985)

Does Humor Belong In Music? (27 January 1986)

Jazz From Hell (15 November 1986)

London Symphony Orchestra vol 2 (17 September 1987)

Guitar (April 1988)

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 1 (May 1988)

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 2 (September 1988)

Broadway The Hard Way (November 1988)

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 3 (October 1989)

The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life (April 1991)

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 4 (June 1991)

Make A Jazz Noise Here (June 1991)

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 5 (July 1992)

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 6 (July 1992)

Playground Psychotics (27 October 1992)

Ahead Of Their Time (April 1993)

The Yellow Shark (December 1993)

Civilization, Phaze III (December 1994)

Strictly Commercial (August 1995)

The Lost Episodes (February 1996)

Läther (September 1996)

7 bootleg albums rereleased officially with Zappa’s permission.

  • Electric Aunt Jemima (live ??/??/68)
  • Our Man In Nirvana (live 8/11/68)
  • Tengo Na Minchia Tanta (live ??/??/70)
  • Disconnected Synapses (live ??/??/70)
  • Swiss Cheese/Fire (2 LP; 2 CD) (live 4/12/71)
  • Conceptual Continuity (live 19/11/76)
  • At The Circus (live 9/78)


  • Announcing To All Disc Jockeys The All New Dynamic Duo (1 disc)
  • Frankie Boy (1)
  • Frank In Frankfurt (1)
  • Frank Zappa (1)
  • The History and Collected Improvisations of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
  • – 10 record set plus 30 page booklet featuring the records: Ultra Modern Stringbean,
  • Nifty, Ein Monster In Der Musikhalle, If You Get A Headache, Frank Zappa Vs. The
  • Tooth Fairy, A Token Of My Extreme, I Was A Teenage Maltshop, Petrouska, Zurkon
  • Music, Back On The Straight And Narrow
  • Indiscreet Picture Show (1)
  • Lectures (1) – soundchecks and alternate studio takes from 1979-1981 (?)
  • The Lone Ranger (2) – from the Lather set
  • Nice Concert Nice People
  • Pa’s Nose Fell Off at Breakfast. It Fell Right Into Ma’s Coffee and Displaced It (1) –
  • studio outtakes
  • Previously Unreleased (3)
  • Please Give Me A Home (1)
  • Realistic Dream (2)
  • Remington Electric Razor (1)
  • The Teenage Rockin’ Combo Concert (1) – Paris
  • The Teenage Rockin’ Combo Concert Vol. 2 (1) – Paris
  • Trick Or Treat
  • Twenty Years of Frank Zappa – 12 records + 16 page booklet: various from entire career
  • We Are The Mothers and This Is What We Sound Like (1)

And here’s a piece for today… MUFFIN MAN… live from Berlin in 1978:

As I was reviewing poetry…

…prior to doing Winners And Losers on WSHC FM this morning,  I discovered this piece of poetic wonder:

Washington Crossing The Delaware
a sonnet by David Shulman (1936)

A hard, howling, tossing water scene.
Strong tide was washing hero clean.
“How cold!” Weather stings as in anger.
O Silent night shows war ace danger!

The cold waters swashing on in rage.
Redcoats warn slow his hint engage.
When star general’s action wish’d “Go!”
He saw his ragged continentals row.

Ah, he stands – sailor crew went going.
And so this general watches rowing.
He hastens – winter again grows cold.
A wet crew gain Hessian stronghold.

George can’t lose war with’s hands in;
He’s astern – so go alight, crew, and win!

Did you find the particular fascination of this sonnet? Every line is an anagram of the title… amazing.

Quote of the Day – How does John Boehner feel about compromise with Obama?

“I reject the word.” 

– John Boehner to Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes

…although he is OK with “Common Ground”, which means agreeing with Republicans. And then he cried.