Go Bernie!

I’m watching Bernie Sanders in what he calls a “tax cut filibuster” speaking on the Senate floor. He began at 10:25 Eastern Time and has been going for an hour and a half and shows no sign of stopping.

As he goes along, he is bringing up everything that is wrong with President Obama’s agreement with the Republicans and all the related problems: unemployment, investments to create jobs, energy independence, our competition with China vis-a-vis our indebtedness to that country, the obscene interest rates on credit cards by the four largest banks that taxholders bailed out, the profits of companies like Exxon Mobile who made millions of dollars while we eliminated their need to pay taxes, etc., etc., etc. I am not sure how long he can go on, nor do I know if this will make any difference. As you may know, C-Span 2 is not allowed in the Senate to have a camera on the members of the senate as an audience, but must keep camera focus on the given speaker. Therefore, we don’t even know who is sitting in the Senate chamber listening to Bernie. But C-Span 2 watchers can see him and I hope there are millions of us.

I did John Case’s “Winners and Losers” show on WSHC FM this morning where incoming calls and the news articles I brought up from the NY Times and The Huffington Post were a lot of the things Bernie is covering now. If the Executive Branch of the US Government REALLY thinks it has the voters’ support for this increase in our deficit by supporting tax cuts for the top 1% of our economic population, they are going to find out today that many of us think the Tax Exemption continuation is a bad deal… what Bernie calls “Robin Hood in reverse.” He is encouraging phone calls to Senators, Representatives and the White House against the bill. We’ll see later how effective he is.

Bernie says his office is now over 5000 calls to his office of which 98% are against the agreement. We are driving up the National Debt by giving tax breaks to people who don’t need them by costing the rest of us taxes well into the future.

He’s also blowing a hole in the “it’s only a two year extension” argument. He makes clear that “temporary” agreements are harder and harder to get rid of as time goes by… remember, the Republicans wanted a 10 year extension…or no extension at all… and they will be pushing for that in two years during a Presidential election season. What do you think will happen then?

So let’s keep an eye on Bernie today, with a visit to the news shows every now and then to see if he is getting anywhere. This should be interesting.

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  1. Bernie Sanders is absolutely right, for a large number of reasons, but one of which is our crumbling infrastructure in this country that we need to start focusing on and fixing

  2. I’m watching Sanders now, and you got to hand it to him.


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