At this point, I think Obama has kissed Democrats goodbye…

As of this morning it seems that Obama is ready to deal with the Right… extend the Bush tax cuts for a couple of years in exchange for one year’s extension of Unemployment funding. The tax cut deal is tentative. It hasn’t gone through Congress yet (although McConnell is probably dribbling with laughter in his office), but it probably will.

When even Conservatives like Joe Scarborough sees and comments on the fact that Obama is moving directly to the Right…
which will not increase job creation much, but will add at least a trillion new bucks to the deficit…we know it’s a lot of money.  And who is going to lend it to us? The Chinese? Are we going to listen to Obama’s financial team that extending tax cuts are going to get us out of recession?

And now we won’t be able to blame this crap on Bush anymore. Obama owns it and is most likely making himself a one-term President. And a lot of very unhappy Democrats like me will probably help him to become a one-termer. As Joe Scarborough just said: “At least they can’t call him a Socialist any more.”

I think it is up to Nancy Pelosi (certainly not Harry Reid) to try to hold this arrangement off… and, as I have said before, it would be better to have this whole arrangement with the Right flushed down the toilet and get NO tax cut extensions for ANYONE, than to do anything like what is coming out of the White House. (Steny Hoyer, however, will go along with it… miserable power seeker… and will undermine Pelosi.)

So now we have to pay for increased troops in Afghanistan where we are getting nowhere even faster than before, we have to suffer increasing rather than decreasing unemployment making our tax revenues even lower, and we can look forward to a GOP-controlled future… amazing with a Democratic White House and Senate… which will take us further from the America that was built by generations of progressive leaders from Roosevelt (FDR) through Johnson.

If the Tea Party takeover has taught us anything, it is that we need a new grass-roots progressive movement. And we have to push from the ground up. It’s going to take 30 years.

At least.

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  1. “irresponsible to raise taxes on people in a recession” was the fickle argument they used to justify kicking the American people in the ass once again.

    Doesn’t anyone find it kind of sinister that they held 2 million+ people and their families hostage to get what they wanted, more money for themselves?

    And of course we knew all along this whole line of bs was going to be blamed on Obama, just like everything else. What if he had stuck to his guns? The credits would have expired, raising taxes for everyone and the unemployed would have been left flailing in the wind. And he still would have been blamed.

    I think he did the best he could in light of what he was up against. Those hard asses would have let people become homeless and hungry over those credits and Obama wasn’t going to let that happen.

    The voters fell for the bs and elected these devils in the midterms. Their agenda wasn’t what’s best for the American people, only what best for them and their pockets, and to embarrass Obama. That doesn’t include any of the little people who voted them in.

    They will realize that, but a little too late…

    • I wish I thought that Obama had done the best that he could. He didn’t. He gave in to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner without even considering what heir weak spots were.

      Frankly, it would be better that the tax reduction extensions disappeared all together instead of giving the wealthy their pile… think about how the Tea Partiers would crack when they found what their crap was costing them.

      I, for one, wish he HAD stuck to his guns.

      • You know what? You right; he -all buyllshyt aside – did kinda bow down to those cretins, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner . And they were sure cocky werent they? .

        But, respectfully:

        I guess Im just thinking a bout the unemployed people , I feel that he had to do SOMETHING , and it tuned out that it was that. I cant help but think they backed him into a corner. IF he had stuck to his guns, they was dayumm sho’ been stickin to theirs, and they would have expired. The Thugs would have simply reinstated them once they took over in Jan and told us to kiss they ass when they made them permanent. Collected they money. The extensions would have bee roadkill in all of this. People would have gone hongry and homeless. We know this…

        I know you believe in what you think would have happened had he stuck to his guns, and if I thought he would have been successfully I would too. I just cant see how he would have…

        Happy Holidays!~

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