Quote of the Day – from Paul Krugman

“Mr. Obama should draw a line in the sand, right here, right now. If Republicans hold out, and taxes go up, he should tell the nation the truth, and denounce the blackmail attempt for what it is.

“Yes, letting taxes go up would be politically risky. But giving in would be risky, too — especially for a president whom voters are starting to write off as a man too timid to take a stand.”


– Paul Krugman in the NY Times article: Let’s Not Make a Deal.

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  1. To ease your curiosity about what I think, see my post from Dec.7.

  2. I’m curious what you think about the compromise that Obama agreed to today. I am a proud progressive who is all for taking the fight to the Republicans a heck of a lot more than we have been. But I feel that the reality of this situation is that the Democrats did not have the votes to extend only the middle class tax cuts or to pass unemployment benefits extensions without Republican support. And the only way to get the Republican support was to extend the tax cuts for the wealthy elite for two years. By accepting this deal, Democrats will be keeping 7 million Americans our of truly dire straits, along with getting the stimulative affect of unemployment benefits and a payroll tax holiday. This is far from perfect, but about the best we could get in this situation.

    I am mad that this deal had to be made and that we are giving even more money to millionaires at a time of economic turmoil and budget deficits. But I am focusing my anger on the true culprits here – the immoral Republicans who have held the unemployed hostage in order to provide even more money to their wealthy sugar daddies, not on a President who did what he needed to do to help 7 million Americans in need.


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