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Snow is falling at LobsterScope through January 4th…

Every year, WordPress gives us an opportunity to have a snowfall on our site for a month or so. Hope you enjoy the season.

– Bill

Welcome to December… let’s watch Congress drag us further into misery.

We are starting December with a very heavy rain… it began around midnight last nite and was still raining five minutes ago when I brought the dogs in from their 10:30 AM walk. I expect it to keep raining most of the day. The low spots on our back lot are flooded already and I imagine groundwater rises are happening all over town. I’ll find out when I go out to the store a little later.

December begins the three or so weeks that Congress has remaining in the Lame Duck Session before all the overpaid and underaccomplishing elected officials head home for the holidays to brag about what they did or didn’t allow to get passed and beg for money. Perhaps they will leave after making at least one or two progressive legal advances get through before the Republicans take over the House and add to their seats in the Senate. Taxing the Wealthy would be one legal wonder. I don’t count on it as Obama seems, as usual, getting ready to cave. To me, the best thing would be for nothing to happen and the taxes go back in place for everyone.

I heard one Republican Congressman say on a TV interview that if the taxes go back to pre-Bush levels, the average tax increase for us poor middle-classers will be around $2,150.00.  This, of course, is not true… the average is thrown way off by the top 1% of the population whose millions-through-billions in income throw off the 99% that averages in the lower thousands. This is being done to scare the middle and lower class voters into supporting the Reps and Senators being paid off by the Murdochs of the world. I expect my taxes to go up a couple of hundred dollars at most… and the amount that would be taken from the wealthy 1% would bring in a huge amount of bucks… perhaps over a trillion dollars.

In reality, if the overall Bush tax cuts for EVERYONE are extended for a couple of years it will put us the same trillion-plus deeper into debt. And if you think that will improve our economy and increase jobs I have a great bridge to sell you.

Paul Krugman: Reign Of Error

From today’s NY Times:

Oh, well. Sewell Chan has an article about the rising influence of conservative economists; what he doesn’t point out is so far that these guys have been wrong about everything. They’re prospering because their political faction is prospering, not because their economic doctrines have proved correct or even plausible.

I have to say, when I got into economics, I expected evidence to matter more than it does — obviously telling people what they want to hear prevails more in the political arena than in academics, but even there the willingness to hang on to preferred narratives no matter the evidence is impressive.

Nothing to do but keep on plugging, I guess. In the long run truth will, one hopes, prevail; but in the long run …

It’s time for a transparent government… here’s a petition:

Hey there!

I just did something that I think will help make government work a little better for us, and I thought you’d want to check it out too.


The pledge is part of a new campaign called Public=Online.  It’s a nationwide network of citizens working to make government more open and transparent, and I think it’s great. I just signed the pledge because I know government should be transparent, but it definitely isn’t right now.

The campaign is trying to build as much muscle as possible to make government change its ways, and the pledge is the first way to accomplish to do that. That’s why I signed it. I want the folks who represent me to know that I expect them to be transparent about things like how they spend my money or how they are being influenced by lobbyists.

Right now it just feels like government is one big black box, and I feel like this pledge is something we can do as a step in the right direction.

To find our more about the campaign, visit http://publicequalsonline.com/pledge

It’s called Public=Online because when government information is online where we can get it anytime we can become more informed and engaged citizens.

Needless to say, the text above was written by the folks at Public=Online and not by me… but I agree with them and i DID sign the petition. You folks make up your own minds… but after all the reveals of pitiful secrets by all our previous contemporary administrations and the one we’re in now, and after the elections last month and the changes coming to the House, it would be nice to face some honesty for a change.