Tomorrow is the Rally… are you going to D.C.?

Tomorrow will be the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are pulling off on the National Mall. What seems to have stated as a satirical copy of the Glenn Beck Rally to Restore Honor, all of a sudden the Stewart/Colbert gathering is starting to be taken seriously… at least 8 commenters in this morning’s NY Times, various television coverage pieces both Nationally and on the DC local stations, Time Magazine… and on it goes.

Speaking of Time Magazine, this from their article on the Rally is why the two comedians are holding it:

Based on what Stewart and Colbert have said, though, the focus of the rally is the ugliness of political debate: the Hitler comparisons, the head-stomping, the conspiracy theories, the assumption that your opponent is also your enemy and must always be assumed to be acting in bad faith. In announcing the rally, Stewart said that the maybe 15% or 20% of Americans who act this way dominate the conversation and the media, crowding out the other 80% or so, who could probably agree on reasonable compromises but don’t have time to obsess on partisan warfare. To paraphrase Yeats, the worst are full of passionate intensity; the best “have shit to do.”

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So, this is a way to get ready for Halloween, let’s say. But is it going to have any effect on the election next week? Perhaps a little in the local area. I’m not sure about it’s National Effect (although it is interesting that people like Oprah Winfrey are providing tickets to get groups of people there and Arianna Huffington is providing buses from New York. These are politically “with it” celebrities and they give a distinct mark of reality to the whole thing.

I’m going to watch it from the confines of my living room and television, but I’ll be there in spirit. I’m curious to see what the actual body count is, however.

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  1. I, too, wonder about its possible effect on the election. Might be too late in the game to sink in for those on the fence after it is over. But just maybe it will get some non-midterm-voting voters to get out this time. What I really want to see is the long-term repercussions (maybe a new “sanity” movement). I think that is really what this country needs right about now. We all need to back off a bit, take a little vacation with the rest of America, play some volleyball, and enjoy a few sunsets together. In fact, I recommend a new Summer of Love, just not with the bad clothes.

    • You know, I agree with you. I think, in reality, the Daily Show folks are actually helping us back off a bit. Playing volleyball is a great idea.

      Perhaps with Mitch McConnell’s head.

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