Exposing the Koch Brothers

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, discusses a New York Times story about an event organized by Koch industries.

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  1. The Filthy Rich are the most self-absorbed of whiners. They’re not being oppressed, there not being attack, this isn’t “class war”.This is a depression we are in! It’s the people who can’t afford a Gulf Stream 5, let alone the heating bills, who are suffering, all because of the economic crisis that the rich started.

  2. The plan of the Koch brothers sound a lot like those of George Soros, just on the Republican side of the isle.

    Why do Democrats only hate rich people that are conservative, but have no trouble with those that fund socialist programs?

    By the way, The Young Turks is nothing but a strawman attack show. They have very little intellectual honesty on their entertainment show.

    • Hey… I thought you had died.
      I know what you mean about Cenk… if only he could have the intellectual honesty of Bill O’Rielly or Glenn Beck. 😉

    • Doing fine, hope the same can be said for you.

      It would be better if Cenk did at least have the intellectual honesty of even Beck or O’Reilly. The hatred Cenk promotes on his show is shameful. I thought I would not hear his level of argument since leaving grade school.

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