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Let’s spend 12 minutes from our 21st Century rush to what is worried right now…

I’ve put RSAnimates on my blog before. This is a particularly good one about changing education for the 21st Century by not alienating our children. It was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.


The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) has been a cradle of enlightenment thinking and a force for social progress for over 250 years.

To learn more about the RSA, visit: http://www.thersa.org.

Picked this up at The Political Carnival – Wikileaks is at it again…

Another trove of secret documents about the Iraq war are about to appear… including figures on the actual numbers of civilians who were killed and evidence of torture sanctioned by the Iraqi government we established… 

Here’s part of it… video available at original site:

clipped from www.thepoliticalcarnival.net

Wikileaks: Secret Iraq War Death Toll Set at 285,000

Wikileaks has now leaked:

In what is being described as the largest release of secret U.S. military documents ever, whistle-blowing web site WikiLeaks has released a trove of classified reports about the war in Iraq, including a secret U.S. government tally that put the Iraqi death toll at 285,000, according to news sources that received advanced copies of the documents.

The documents include evidence of state sanctioned torture by the Iraqi government, new evidence of Iraqi government death squads, and Iran’s involvement in funneling arms to Shiite militias, according to Arab news channel Al Jazeera, which has been able to review the documents before their release.

Al Jazeera has reviewed the 400,000 documents that are being released. WikiLeaks says it will hold a press conference Saturday morning in Europe.

63% of the Iraqi deaths were civilians, according to the report.

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Bill 1 – Groundhog 0

OK… today I scored in the Groundhog Trapping game. Before I get all caught up with myself I have to admit that the creature was very, very small. I can’t believe that this is the beast who tunneled down next to our back foundation… nor did it seem big enough to have eaten all that cantaloupe that was outside the trap yesterday.

That must mean that this critter is a child and still has parents down in the hole. Elly recalls that when our tenant over in Hagerstown had a groundhog problem last year, he ended up trapping three of them (not, of course, at the same time.) So I’ve rebaited the trap and set it again and I’ll see if there’s a new animal caught tomorrow.

Before I did that, however, I had to deal with the little fella I caught. Putting the trap in the back of my new old Subaru, I drove about 5 miles from my house to the Opequon Creek Fishing and Wildlife Area, Federal land where wild beasts are welcome, and turned the groundhog loose. It ran off so fast that in a split second it had vanished. I hope it is happy there…I didn’t want to kill it and I didn’t want it to get near any other houses. When I catch the rest of his family they will go there, too.

So now the trap has fresh (albeit rotten) cantaloupe in it and the spring trigger is set. Now if I can just keep our smaller dog, Byron, away from the trap and the groundhog hole, I’ll feel much better.

Cartoon(ist) of the Week – Joel Pett

This is an unusual week. Usually I spend Sunday through Friday collecting cartoons from many sources and judging my favorites as the Cartoon(s) of the Week. This week I had the odd occurence of finding 3 (actually 4, but I used one on Wednesday which was as good as the others) that made my finalist list… something which happened a couple of years ago with Tom Toles but hasn’t happened since.

So here, from the Lexington (KY) Herald-Reader, are three goodies from Pulitzer Prize Winner Joel Pett:

– and –

– and –

I love Joel Pett. For the Hell of it, here’s the one I ran on Wednesday:

I’ll be back next week with the usual mix.


Is it the end of the Town Hall Oak?

John  and I, as usual, went over to Mellow Moods after the radio show this morning to have a cup of coffee and complain at each other (the joys of mid-sixties life), where Phil, owner of the Mood and our buddy, told us that the Town Hall Oak, a lovely, big tree right on the old sidewalk, was going to come down because it’s too close to the new construction. There are not a lot of trees this size in the downtown area (Phil says it’s the last, ignoring an even bigger one in his back parking area and one of similar size to the THO just across the street on the side of the Shepherd auditorium.) However, Shepherdstown had once been heavily forested and every time we lose another big one it is a shame.

Exposing the Koch Brothers

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, discusses a New York Times story about an event organized by Koch industries.

I’m just not sleeping.

Looks like I’m in my fifth or sixth year of being unable to sleep through the night. At most I get little hour and a half rounds of partial sleep… with a lot of awake in between. If it weren’t for my afternoon nap, which also doesn’t extend beyond an hour and a half, I probably wouldn’t get through the day.

It reminds me of a JC Duffy Cartoon (over at Night Deposits):