Speaking of Pennsylvania, Sestak just pulled 1 point ahead of Toomey…

…in this morning’s PPM Poll.
From HuffPo:

A new poll and high-profile prognostication have heightened the electoral prospects of Pennsylvania Senate Democratic candidate Joe Sestak and spurred talk of another dramatic campaign comeback.

On Tuesday the Democratic-leaning polling firm PPP released findings showing Sestak leading his Republican challenger, former Club for Growth President Pat Toomey, for the first time this cycle: 46 percent to 45 percent. Sestak’s campaign did not pay for the poll, which was done with recorded voice interviews and with respondents sampled from actual voter lists. A day prior, the odds-makers at ABC News had moved the race from “lean Republican” to “toss up.”

The dual pieces of news added a jolt of hope to Democratic Party infrastructure, which had been waiting for weeks for some upward movement from the Sestak campaign. It also jarred loose a sense of déjà vu for those who watched the congressman close the gap against Senator Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) during the closing days of the Senate primary.

“This is his shtick,” said one high-ranking operative.

Last week when Sestak came out with this ad, people said things would start turning around:

Toomey has now blown a ten point lead from two weeks ago. This is one worth watching!

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