I’m losing my energy for the blog… not sure how long it will stay up…

Yesterday I had the lowest number of visitors (and by that I mean serious visitors, not quick check-ins pushed by Alphainventions, Blogitti, Blogiche or Blogsurfer) to Under The LobsterScope that I have had in the last couple of years. The number of SPAM postings that I have to look at and make a decision over has increased markedly as well. I’ll admit that yesterday I was gone most of the day getting my new old car in Silver Spring, but it is usually the evening that gives me my biggest amount of real participation.

I am now midway through my 64th year and rapidly heading to 65… tired, retired and mired in medication for diabetes, ADD, Depression and a new set of indications which they are testing for. I have the Radio Show to prepare for each week and the housework I’m now committed to as my wife is the full-time employed person. And I’m so low on physical energy that working myself up over the incessant trash dumped everywhere by the extreme right wing is becoming exercise I no longer wish to partake in. Plus, with the advances from Sustainable Shepherdstown working locally, the idea of creating a life that would mean survival if the Conservatives finally destroy our economy and and social structure now takes up a major portion of time and will only grow in the future.

I am quite depressed about the current election season, as I think, no matter what we reveal as the honest truth, America is getting ready to pull off a suicide vote this year and just the thought of John Boehner undermining health care as Speaker of the House and Rand Paul eliminating public schools for our growing population of poor children and  Mitch McConnell gleefully putting party ahead of country for the next four years until he is up for election again (not that I think Kentucky will ever wise up) makes me shiver. Politics has become a lost cause, and since this blog is about 75% politics, it is not effective enough to maintain.

I’ll be deciding what to do in the next day or so (my wife and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage this weekend and I’d rather think of her than saving the country today and tomorrow) and will probably come out on Monday with a final statement on what will happen with UTL. Meanwhile, let me know what you think… if you are out there.



One solution I have is to do a much smaller blog with an Arts/Theatre focus… that ties into the things that I enjoy most in life and that are worth pursuing.

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  1. Hi Bill, I can safely say we’ve all had these feelings of hopelessnes and helplessnes, and the obvious antidote is to just forget about it. I’ve gone through this many times myself, and I probably will again–but not now. Not yet.

    We have an important election coming up and we need all the reinforcing we can get. I would hate to see you quit now, just days before the election. You probably feel you’re not making a difference but it’s the numbers that count, almost as much as the message. If our forces start dropping like flies because they think there’s no chance, there will be no chance.

    I’m hoping you’ll at least keep beating the drum until after November 2. Then you could rethink what’s most important for you and take it from there.

    I guess what I’m saying is we really do need your input, and even though I don’t always comment, I find many links on your blog that help me when I’m building a direction in which to move my own blog.

    Thanks for what you’re doing here. I hope I’ve convinced you to stay a while.


    • Ahh, to know my blog is read by three people… it really means a lot to me. I had to remove my rating stars and other gadgets that told me who was coming in because the real far-righters were screwing up the counts… but I am grateful for all your comments… as I am grateful to read great blogs like Ramona’s Voices which addresses the history of thre Labor Movement like none other. Thanks you, thank you, Ramona.

  2. Please keep blogging!!! There needs to be more bloggers like you who present a more reasoned view to people on the internet. Most of the posts in Politics tag today are very strident. I’m encouraging you to keep posting — please! Your post was like water in the desert of posts on wordpress today. I am deeply concerned about people who are not able to separate facts from personality regarding the election. This cat shares many of your concerns about the upcoming election. The antidote, get out the vote, call states where the vote is close. The election is still very much in play no matter what the pollsters or Fox news want people to believe.

  3. First Bill, you may not be the only one with an unexplained drop in readership. It’s happened to me too over the last month and I’d be curious to know if the pheonomenon is wider than you and me! Admittedly, like you, I’ve been quite distracted by real life and haven’t given my blog as much time or thought as before, so I guess that has its price.

    We have a lot in common. I’m 67, retired, and have been subject to depression all of my adult life, especially since I quit drinking 30 years ago. So speaking from experience, i.e. one who’s been there with depresssion, you surely know the old rule – NEVER MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS when you are depressed. Blog lightly, go from 75% politics to 25%. For now. When you feel better and aren’t so overwhelmed with other stuff I’ll bet you’ll see it quite differrently.

    And then I can continue to enjoy your posts.

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