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Beaver and Wally’s Mom is Dead at 94…

Barbara Billingsley, the actress who played June Cleaver many years ago on Leave It To Beaver has died of polymyalgia, a rheumatoid disease, at her home in Santa Monica, Calif.

Beginning in 1957 and continuing to 1963, Billingsley played the sweet, cookie-baking Mom to Theodore (the Beaver) and Wally Cleaver and wife to Ward (“Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver”) on the show which is still played on some television station somewhere to this day.

At the 50th Anniversary of the show in 2007, Billingsley posed with Jerry Mathers, who played the Beaver, and Tony Dow, who played Wally, in the picture on the left.


From the NY Times Obit:

Ms. Billingsley was born Barbara Lillian Combes on Dec. 22, 1915, in Los Angeles, where she attended George Washington High School. She left Los Angeles Junior College to appear in a short-lived Broadway play, “Straw Hat.” She took her stage name from her first husband, Glenn Billingsley, a nephew of Sherman Billingsley, the proprietor of the Stork Club in Manhattan. They had two sons.

After working as a fashion model, Ms. Billingsley returned to Los Angeles, acted in local plays and was signed to a contract by MGM. In the 1940s and early ’50s her film roles were mostly small. Her movies included “The Bad and the Beautiful” (1952) with Kirk Douglas, “Shadow on the Wall” (1950) with Ann Sothern and “Three Guys Named Mike” (1951) with Jane Wyman. She later described her typical movie role as “the woman who was really the heavy but nobody knew it.”

Her early television years included episodes of “Schlitz Playhouse of Stars,” “Four Star Playhouse,” “The Loretta Young Show” and “Make Room for Daddy.” Her first series, in 1955, was “Professional Father,” in which she played the wife of a child psychologist. She was also featured in “The Brothers,” in 1956, with Gale Gordon.

Of “Leave It to Beaver,” she later recalled, “It was a happy experience for me, and very timely,” adding that there was never a fight on the set in seven years.

The Fed’s New Bubble (Masquerading as a Jobs Program)

By Robert Reich, Former Secretary of Labor; Professor at Berkeley.

Extracted from the HuffPo… you should go in and read the whole article:

The latest jobs bill coming out of Washington isn’t really a bill at all. It’s the Fed‘s attempt to keep long-term interest rates low by pumping even more money into the economy (“quantitative easing” in Fed-speak).

The idea is to buy up lots of Treasury bills and other long-term debt to reduce long-term interest rates. It’s assumed that low long-term rates will push more businesses to expand capacity and hire workers; push the dollar downward and make American exports more competitive and therefore generate more jobs; and allow more Americans to refinance their homes at low rates, thereby giving them more cash to spend and thereby stimulate more jobs.

Problem is, it won’t work. Businesses won’t expand capacity and jobs because there aren’t enough consumers to buy additional goods and services.

So where will the easy money go? Into another stock-market bubble.

It’s already started. Stocks are up even though the rest of the economy is still down because of money is already so cheap.

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I’m losing my energy for the blog… not sure how long it will stay up…

Yesterday I had the lowest number of visitors (and by that I mean serious visitors, not quick check-ins pushed by Alphainventions, Blogitti, Blogiche or Blogsurfer) to Under The LobsterScope that I have had in the last couple of years. The number of SPAM postings that I have to look at and make a decision over has increased markedly as well. I’ll admit that yesterday I was gone most of the day getting my new old car in Silver Spring, but it is usually the evening that gives me my biggest amount of real participation.

I am now midway through my 64th year and rapidly heading to 65… tired, retired and mired in medication for diabetes, ADD, Depression and a new set of indications which they are testing for. I have the Radio Show to prepare for each week and the housework I’m now committed to as my wife is the full-time employed person. And I’m so low on physical energy that working myself up over the incessant trash dumped everywhere by the extreme right wing is becoming exercise I no longer wish to partake in. Plus, with the advances from Sustainable Shepherdstown working locally, the idea of creating a life that would mean survival if the Conservatives finally destroy our economy and and social structure now takes up a major portion of time and will only grow in the future.

I am quite depressed about the current election season, as I think, no matter what we reveal as the honest truth, America is getting ready to pull off a suicide vote this year and just the thought of John Boehner undermining health care as Speaker of the House and Rand Paul eliminating public schools for our growing population of poor children and  Mitch McConnell gleefully putting party ahead of country for the next four years until he is up for election again (not that I think Kentucky will ever wise up) makes me shiver. Politics has become a lost cause, and since this blog is about 75% politics, it is not effective enough to maintain.

I’ll be deciding what to do in the next day or so (my wife and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage this weekend and I’d rather think of her than saving the country today and tomorrow) and will probably come out on Monday with a final statement on what will happen with UTL. Meanwhile, let me know what you think… if you are out there.



One solution I have is to do a much smaller blog with an Arts/Theatre focus… that ties into the things that I enjoy most in life and that are worth pursuing.