Funniest Commercial on TV: the 2011 Mediocrity!

This is showing up on TV now…it leads you to a web site:

It’s only after you got to the site (which is pretty complete… and all beige) that you find a secret button that takes you to the real sponsor…Subaru.

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  1. That is so clever. Makes me want to think about a Subaru. Just had a horrendous experience trying to buy a used car for our daughter. Used car salesmen come by their reputations honestly. They never, ever, ever change. (Hint: Never go into that little room with the “financial manager”. Two possibilities: You will either come out without a shirt to your name, or you will have killed somebody and buying a car will take second place to whatever comes next.)

    • Tremendous advice… I’m buying a used Subaru from a friend of mine in Silver Spring, MD….a much nicer experience than when I went to a dealer the last time.

  2. This was a really funny video and one of the most clever ad campaigns I’ve see in a while. I wonder how well it will work?

    I love all that beige.

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