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Is it clear that we took complete advantage of smaller, weaker countries?

This article on the New World Perspective blog is chilling. Here’s part of it, but go in and read it all:

We gave Guatemala Syphilis

And Gonorrhea. But mostly just Syphilis.

In Guatemala from 1946 until 1948, Dr. John Cutler conducted a study under the approval of the US Health authorities and the Guatemalan government to test the effectiveness of penicillin in treating syphilis and gonorrhea.

By hopping over national borders into Guatemala, Cutler and US Health authorities were able to conduct their tests without drawing ethical issues. This a sickening example of US disrespect towards our southern Spanish-speaking neighbors during this era.

Susan Reverby, the historian who unearthed the reports at the University of Pittsburgh, found that they deliberately infected prisoners and mental institution patients without their knowledge or consent.

Their primary method of inoculation? Prostitution. They had infected prostitutes sleep with the patients.

Saying “sorry” fifty years later is too little, too late. It’s as if to say, “Oh by the way, Guatemala, you might want to get tested…our bad!”.

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Looks like I’ll have my new car on Friday…

Elly and I will be driving down to Silver Spring to get it right after the radio show with John Case is over at 9:00 AM. Interestingly enough, Friday is also our Anniversary (32nd) and we will be stopping off around Gaithersburg for a great Vegan restaurant we found last year. Anyway, we’ll be back Friday night when, I believe, the Sustainable Shepherdstown movie is End Of Suburbia.

Having been car-strapped for three weeks, I am really looking forward to getting the Subaru…I know my wife is getting tired of me borrowing her car for Doctors’ appointments and shopping needs. I’ll just be glad not to be stuck in the house for the better part of each day.

Joan Sutherland, Dead at 83

The great soprano Joan Sutherland has died. Born in Australia, Ms. Sutherland made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1961 and continued entertaining audiences there for four decades.

Anthony Tommasini in the NY Times pointed out:

Ms. Sutherland’s singing was founded on astonishing technique. Her voice was evenly produced throughout an enormous range, from a low G to effortless flights above high C. She could spin lyrical phrases with elegant legato, subtle colorings and expressive nuances. Her sound was warm, vibrant and resonant, without any forcing. Indeed, her voice was so naturally large that at the start of her career Ms. Sutherland seemed destined to become a Wagnerian dramatic soprano.

Following her first professional performances, in 1948, during a decade of steady growth and intensive training, Ms. Sutherland developed incomparable facility for fast runs, elaborate roulades and impeccable trills. She did not compromise the passagework, as many do, by glossing over scurrying runs, but sang almost every note fully.

Her death at her home in Switzerland was confirmed by her close friend the mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne.

A Quote for Today – by H. L. Mencken

My old school chum Oakey McKnight sent this one in…

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed–and hence, clamorous to be led to safety–by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

H. L. Mencken

Except when it came to his blatant antisemitism, Mencken was rarely wrong.

To my readers: Let’s all take a stand against foreign money funding campaigns.

Subject: Foreign corporations are trying to buy our elections


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been using money from foreign corporations to finance its plan to spend $75 million on political attacks against progressive Democrats this year.

Funneling money from foreign interests into American elections is, straight up, illegal and the Chamber is trying to buy the election for Republicans.
I signed a petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to initiate an immediate Justice Department investigation to stop the illegal spending. Can you join me at the link below?




I don’t understand why Joe Manchin isn’t being supported by both Democrats and Republicans in West Virginia…

… He’s our current Democratic Governor… but he sounds like a Republican. Take a look at his ad:

If it were not for the fact that Raese the Republican is so creepy (and pretty much a Florida Resident), I could be convinced to vote against a Democrat in my own state.

Funniest Commercial on TV: the 2011 Mediocrity!

This is showing up on TV now…it leads you to a web site: 2011Mediocrity.com.

It’s only after you got to the site (which is pretty complete… and all beige) that you find a secret button that takes you to the real sponsor…Subaru.