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The Unintelligent Majority Attacks…

Speculating on the intelligence of the American public, I am beginning to think that we have a majority of extremely shallow thinkers, otherwise why would the polls be moving so far to the right? Starting with Reagan who began the process of deregulating all the structures that preserved our society economically and helped it grow, passing through eight years of W that finished decimating the economy and left us in a trap that only more expenses could help get us out of, we should have recognized that people fell for the same stuff time after time.

Well, it looks like a huge chunk of our population is ready to bite into what is a particularly rotten apple again. If, in the couple of weeks we have remaining, the polls stay the way they are today we are likely to lose the House of Representatives if not the Senate (and in West Virginia a technical Florida resident named Raese who is ready to ditch Social Security and undermine education is now picked to beat Governor Manchin for our Senate seat.) There’s still a chance that things can change, but I don’t believe there are enough intelligent people to do it.


For our Friends in Kentucky…

I received this in the email:


My adult son Michael committed suicide in July, after three years fighting an addiction to prescription painkillers. This is a painful story, a personal story. It’s not easy for me to share.

But I decided to share my story for Jack Conway, because I want to prevent another family from having to suffer what my family went through.

In response, Mr. Paul directly insulted me, calling my story “creepy.”

My son’s life was not “creepy.” And my baby grandson sure isn’t “creepy.” Both are blessings, as his second child due in February will be also.

When Rand Paul attacks people who are suffering instead of offering solutions, it shows he doesn’t understand Kentucky.

And that’s why I’m asking you to help me defeat Rand Paul and elect Jack Conway — someone who has tackled drug abuse as Kentucky’s Attorney General and actually understands Kentucky families.

Watch the video I did for Jack Conway today, and share it with your friends:

Sometimes I hear people say Rand Paul just has a few wacky ideas, and he won’t really hurt anyone. Well, it hurts my family — and thousands of other families in Kentucky — when Rand Paul just dismisses life-or-death issues in our state.

It’s a shame Rand Paul reacted that way, but this issue is bigger than he is. Kentuckians deserve someone in the United States Senate who understands them and who will fight for them. I know Jack Conway is that person.

That’s why I’m asking for your help to beat Rand Paul and elect Jack Conway — start by watching the video of my story and sharing it with those you know.

Thank you for hearing me out, and thank you for supporting Jack Conway.


Mike Donta
Ashland, KY

We’ve been hearing lots of things about Rand Paul’s attitude toward his potential citizenry if he is elected… and it is not pretty. Kentucky has a bad habit of inflicting unusually negative Senators and Representatives on the rest of us (Mitch McConnell and his public revelation that they will only vote NO to any Democratic proposed legislation). Mike Donta’s story is one of many.

Lou Dobbs, Hypocrite

Ask the man who built his reputation by stomping on Illegal Aliens while he was on CNN and as he tours Tea Party events raising the undocumented employees as an election issue, and he’ll tell you that these people should not be hired.

Unless, of course, they are being hired by Lou Dobbs.

This story from The Nation Institute exposes Dobbs’ violation of immigration law in his own hiring… it’s not really pretty:

There are rumors that Dobbs may seek nomination for office in 2012 (President, perhaps?) and this indicates just the kind of guy he is.

Jefferson County Commission… I’m supporting Ed Dunleavy

I’ve just put a Dunleavy for County Commissioner sign out on my front lawn, which means I guess I’m committing myself to an Independent, something I haven’t done in a couple of elections. I am in agreement with just about all of his stands… especially keeping the PATH line out of Jefferson County, supporting and expanding the National Parks (Harper’s Ferry, Civil War Trails, etc.), Modification of the Zoning Ordinance, etc.

I listened to John Case’s hour and a half interview with Ed Dunleavy yesterday, after having heard Paul Taylor, the Democrat, a while ago, and having heard Delegate John Doyle’s comments on the Independent two weeks ago, also on John’s show (is anyone else covering local politics at this depth around here?).  I was very impressed with Ed’s comments and the fact that he didn’t avoid directly talking to the issues… not something you always get around here. His financial accountancy background stands out with his concern with “the books” on the County Commission’s work (not something you hear from other candidates or current Commissioners whose function, after all, is to spend our money.)

The Republican will be on John’s show next week, but he would have to go a long way to get me interested in him. Next Thursday (October 14) at  7PM all the candidates will debate at War Memorial Building—Shepherdstown Men’s Club. This should be a place to make a final decision. If you are from Jefferson County, go there and ask the questions which will define their potential as Commissioners.

Quote of the Day – From a Republican…

Moxie Festival Parade - Olympia Snowe

Olympia Snowe

“Frankly we haven’t done our jobs well here in Washington and that disturbs me. There’s all this partisanship and polization, and ultimately it yields two outcomes: either scorched-earth victory for one side or political stagnation.”

– Senator Olympia Snowe (R – ME)

Does that mean you are upset with your own, uncooperative Party?