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Quote of the Day – Leno on O’Donnell

“Republican Senator Tom Coburn said yesterday that Christine O’Donnell, if elected, will be able to combat the stupidity in Washington. So I guess they’re going to fight fire with fire.”

–Jay Leno

Things are changing in Connecticut…

It looked last week like Linda McMahon (who I once worked for when she and her husband, Vince, owned the Cape Cod Coliseum) and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal were a virtual toss-up for Senate in my old home state of Connecticut. Then McMahon revealed her lack of knowledge of what the minimum wage was as she campaigned to revise it and all of a suddenthings have shifted.

As I understand it, McMahon has just released a TV commercial (prior to this evenings debate) bringing up Blumenthal’s misstatement on his overseas military experience… but it doesn’t look like this is really helping Mrs. Wrestling.

From Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

Blumenthal Leads by Double-Digits

With their first debate scheduled for tonight, a new Public Policy Polling survey in Connecticut shows Richard Blumenthal (D) leading Linda McMahon (R) in the U.S. Senate race by 12 points, 53% to 41%.

Blumenthal’s favorability rating is 53/39, while McMahon’s is the opposite, 39/59.

The only Republican Senate candidates with worse favorability numbers than McMahon were Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, and Christine O’Donnell.

Why Alaska better pay attention to Joe Miller before he helps screw them royally…

For instance, his views on the Minimum Wage (Unconstitutional) or Social Security (close it down).
This from HuffPo:
clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com
Employees in the U.S. should not be provided a federal guarantee of minimum wage, Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller said recently. The states, instead, should be left to determine the minimum rate that an employer can provide their workers, he argued.

“That is not within the scope of the powers that are given to the federal government,” the Tea Party-backed GOP insurgent argued in a recent ABC News interview. “That is clearly up to the states.”

Miller went on to clarify that “the state of Alaska has a minimum wage which is higher than the federal level because our state leaders have made that determination. The minimum level again should be the state’s decision.”

Such a policy stance is not extraordinary compared to Miller’s other anti-government views. But it is the most clear cut he has been on the issue of minimum wage.

Miller said that Social Security should be phased out in order “to transfer the power back to the states so that states can take up the mantle of those programs if they so desire.”
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I’m having a CAT scan this morning, so the Blog will get started later today…

Sorry friends… can’t deal with arguing Conservatives or unsatisfied Liberals or friendly Progressives or even family or friends until lunchtime… I’m having the last of all these medical tests this morning. Since I have to use Elly’s car, I have to leave in a few minutes to drive her to work before I go over to Robinwood Medical Center. Under The LobsterScope just has to start later and there ain’t nothin’ I can do about it.

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