‘Ferris Bueller’ Star Jeffrey Jones Pleads Guilty

Findlaw.com, the legal news blo, posted this yesterday…I just found it. Go to Findlaw for the whole article:
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Jeffrey Jones is best known for his role as an over the top principal in the cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He also starred in Beetlejuice and Ed Wood. In between his acting jobs, Jones added a new credit to his name: sex offender. Now, ABC News reports that Jeffrey Jones plead guilty to failing to update his sex offender status.
In 2003, Jones plead no contest in a case that charged the actor with “employing a teenage boy to pose for sexual explicit photos.” As part of his sentence, Jones was required to register as a sex offender, and as is the case with every sex offender he was required to keep his information updated every year.
The Los Angeles judge ordered the 64 year-old Jones to 250 hours of community service and three years probation for failing to update his information. The punishment represents the importance of keeping sex offender registration information current, and how seriously courts take the offense.
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