Another medical test this morning…

I’m killing time in Hagerstown at the Higher Ground Coffee Shop, sipping my coffee while I wait before going to Dr. Khan’s office. I have a “legs and toes” test this morning…don’t ask, I don’t know, something to do with mu diabetes and my nerves…and I had to borrow Elly’s car to get there. To do that, I had to drop her off at work at 8:30, 2 hours before my Dr.’s appointment. Therefore I pick a coffee shop with a WiFi hookup.

This afternoon I’m working on getting some money for parts from my dead car… money I can put into Linda’s Subaru. I’ll start with Brown’s, since one of the guys there said he had someone who might be interested. I’m not sure how much I trust them, though… they could have found my car dead when it overheated two weeks before and I spent over $1200.00 on having a radiator put in and other parts. Shepherdstown is a small area, though, and I don’t have access to a lot here, so I’ll have to give them a shot.

Oops… just about 10:00 AM… time to get out of here……

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  1. Have you tried the new car place next to O’Hurleys? I’m not crazy about Brown’s either – they have messed up basic stuff on my car, like putting my windshield wipers on upside down after breaking them in the first place.

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