Bill Maher Scores Again…

It’s another week and Bill Maher has released another clip of Christine O’Donnell (he says he’ll do one every week until she agrees to come on his current show… she did 22 or 23 of his old shows…):

The highlight:

O’DONNELL: You know what, evolution is a myth. And even Darwin himself –
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MAHER: Evolution is a myth? Have you ever looked at a monkey?

O’DONNELL: Well then, why they — why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?

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  1. If the alternative is a Marxist, I will still go with O’Donnell. At least she values Freedom. I say that knowing Freedom isn’t as cherished in this country as it once was.
    She is not running for an executive position, she will simply cast votes to represent her state. What would really be crazy is putting somone in charge of making life and death decisions that effect hundreds of millions of people who has no experience running anything, that would just be insane.

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