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Between Cues…

Here in the light booth again on the second night of Thurber Carnival and we’re in the middle of the Grant at Appomattox scene. This gives me a few minutes to start an entry here.

My dear friend Linda Bartash called this afternoon to say she was buying a new car and would have to get rid of one of the other two she has left. One is close to 20 years old, one is ten years old, both are in good condition (Linda takes care of her cars) and Bluebook Values on each are under $2000.00 bucks. The older one has 220,000 miles on it (Subaru), the other has 90,000.  I’m also on line for 2 other cars around here. I don’t know how long it will take to get everything finalized, but I could have transportation back soon at a reasonable price.

— we’ve changed scenes… now in the Macbeth Murder Mystery —

I’m really tired tonite… didn’t get much of a nap in this afternoon which I try to do to keep up with the evening schedule. At least on Sunday I can sleep as late as I want in the morning. We do, however, have a Matinee tomorrow and I have to be at the Theater by 1:30. I’ll have to see what time John can give me a ride in.

— now it is Gentlemen Shoppers… this scene lasts at least 5 minutes —

At intermission I’ll call home to see if my wife has gotten back in for the evening. With luck, the dogs will get their late walk before I get home.

From Andrew Cohen, Legal Analyst at Politics Daily…

clipped from www.politicsdaily.com

Another Federal Judge Holds ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell‘ Unconstitutional
A federal judge in Tacoma, Wash., ruled Friday that the Air Force violated the constitutional rights of a decorated flight nurse when it discharged her in 2007 under the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy after learning of an affair she was having with a married woman.
U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton ordered the Air Force to reinstate Margaret Witt, an 18-year veteran of the branch, who achieved the rank of major before she was discharged three years ago for what was classified at the time as “homosexual conduct.” Leighton found her termination violated her due process and equal protection rights.
Leighton’s ruling is the second in three weeks to undermine the legal foundation of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the 17-year-old ban precluding homosexuals from serving openly in the U.S. armed forces.
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Isn’t it time we actually GOT RID of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Bill Maher Scores Again…

It’s another week and Bill Maher has released another clip of Christine O’Donnell (he says he’ll do one every week until she agrees to come on his current show… she did 22 or 23 of his old shows…):

The highlight:

O’DONNELL: You know what, evolution is a myth. And even Darwin himself –
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MAHER: Evolution is a myth? Have you ever looked at a monkey?

O’DONNELL: Well then, why they — why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?

Totally carless… shopping the local area for a used vehicle…

My wife is away for two days and I’m home without transportation (John will pick me up for tonite’s show at Full Circle Theater). Meanwhile, I’m perusing the internet and making phone calls concerning used vehicles. Late Tuesday afternoon I’m probably going to have my wife drive me down to a shop near Winchester, VA, where a guy has an ’88 pickup truck (with only 100,000 miles on it and, he says, in good shape and well maintained) for $1000.00. He doesn’t care who we have look at it to evaluate it’s reliability (I suggested Brown’s and he said it was fine with him)… I wanted to call my wife and tell her I set this up, but when I did, her cell phone started ringing upstairs…which means she didn’t take it with her. I’ll have to wait until she gets back later tonite, or calls me from wherever she is today.

I also have to figure out how I’m going to pay for this. If I were going to a dealer, I’d put it on a credit card (instant loan) or try to get a bank loan. From an individual I have to come up with cash. It’s possible… if the total cost is less than my monthly Social Security income, I should be all right. I’m also looking into selling my dead car for parts… and that could go into the used car‘s cost.

Needless to say, this has not caused much of a release for the depression I’ve been in for the last few days. Even with my medication I am incredibly down… for hours at a time I have found it hard to physically move off my recliner. At least the computer and internet continue to be active things while everything else is frozen.

Life keeps shrinking… and adding to the blog is becoming more like work than fun… work that doesn’t earn any income, nor does it seem to lead to anything else. I’m also finding it hard to work on my other sites, Panhandle Vegan and UTF Type Foundry.  And the theatre is now no more than running lights. There’s nothing in the near…or far…future to direct, which I would still be interested in doing. At least I still have John Case and the Friday morning radio show.

In case you missed Stephen Colbert testifying yesterday…

…here he is before the House Immigration and Agriculture Subcommittee:

So now there is a debate as to whether this was effective or merely entertaining. It sure got a lot of people looking at the migrant fieldworker situation.

Watching CNN this morning, the opinion of the newsman was that this was a bad move by Zoe Lofgren, the subcommittee chair who invited Colbert to appear.

And, of course, Fox News has weighed in with this statement:

His “testimony’ was an embarrassment to himself, his country, the Congress and the entire issue of immigration reform. It amounted to nothing more than a bad comedic monologue.

My opinion, of course, is that Colbert was right on and Congress was a little more interesting to watch yesterday… and the point was made.