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The toll on stupidity paid again…as usual, by innocent children

Picked this up from PZ Myers at Pharygula (who is becoming one of favorite Atheists):
clipped from scienceblogs.com

This is terrible, wasteful, stupid news from Africa.

A measles outbreak has claimed the lives of 70 children in Zimbabwe over the past two weeks, mostly among families from apostolic sects that shun vaccinations, state media said Thursday.

I’m still waiting for news of evangelical atheists traveling to distant lands and killing people by encouraging ignorance. It doesn’t seem to happen.

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Afternoon… still depressed.


Looks like I may be doing more walking. If the car comes in with a closer to $1500.00 or lower, we may be able to add it to a credit card (not something I really wan to do), but if it comes in closer to $2000.00 or more then we probably don’t have enough credit line on that card to do it. In that case, the car might as well be sold for parts.

Brown’s is still a ways away from coming up with a final quote, and I have to start getting ready for the theater tonite… I have to go earlier than I would have in order to catch a ride with Laura Bakin. John will likely bring me home tonite (he’ll have to pick me up for the radio show tomorrow as well.)

So in the middle of all of this the kitchen phone rings and it’s some Cancer fund raising money, and this sweet sounding Bimbo asks for ME with a tone in her voice like she KNOWS me (except she calls me “William” and you know right there that this is someone playing with an address book.) I unpleasantly hang up on her, and turn to do the dishes. Then I can take a shower and get changed for Full Circle Theater. If I can keep busy I’ll stop thinking about everything else.



Still haven’t heard from Brown’s. I’m waiting for Laura to pick me up. The dogs had their afternoon walk and I watered the garden, so I’ve done my immediate housework. I’m not thrilled about working the light booth tonite. Just to cheer myself up, I put the blog into a new template… hope you like it.

Sky is getting gray and it feels like a storm is coming.

Quote of the Day – hee hee hee

By the way, is anyone else upset at the revelation that Joaquin Phoenix was just pretending to be that spaced out, bearded, mumbling, troubled rapper? I mean, what kind of person spends years pretending to be someone he’s not?

– Pee Wee Herman in his “second blog ever.”

Depressing morning…

(Post has been UPDATED BELOW)

I’m waiting to hear from Brown’s Automotive on what’s wrong with my car. They told me on the phone that it might be a head gasket problem, which John Case informs me might just mean a dead car. It will be pretty expensive to get it running again and, as usual, I don’t know where the money will come from. The car used just about all of my Social Security money last month. My wife says we can’t afford that again… and besides, these little ischemic attacks I have that I’m getting tested for may come to mean that they won’t let me drive anyway. My existence is getting much smaller.

I have to arrange rides and pickups to get through my lighting commitment to Thurber Carnival. That’s not too difficult. Several of the cast members drive near my home when they come in to rehearsal or the show and I can get picked up or dropped off after. I just wish it were over with and I had one less thing on my mind.

It may be getting to be time to end this blog. It’s something I’m thinking seriously about right now. It takes a lot of energy and focus to keep it up… I’ve been doing it for six years, starting when I was actually gainfully employed and feeling pretty good about everything, and operating now in a place where I wasn’t able to get reemployed and had to retire earlier than I wanted to and my health is starting to take a dive. The blog is just one more thing… It doesn’t bring in enough money from font sales to do more than buy a couple of bottles of seltzer every other month and it doesn’t have any effect on changing the depressing politics and middle-class decline in this country. As one of that middle class that has suffered the decline, I don’t see a way out of it (unless a big move to hire carless 64-year-olds pops up somewhere around Shepherdstown, WV, where I am now trapped.)

I’ll make a decision on the blog in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, I’m going to start looking through my stuff to see what I can put up on eBay.


UPDATE: 11:48 AM

If I was depressed before, it is a deep pit now.