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The Joys of Capitalism… or how to deal with competitors…

From Boing Boing:

Beer distributors oppose marijuana legalization bill

Mark Frauenfelder at 10:16 AM Tue

Beer distributors in California have united to fight against the Proposition 19, which would legalize pot.

201009211012 “Unless the beer distributors in California have suddenly developed a philosophical opposition to the use of intoxicating substances, the motivation behind this contribution is clear,” Steve Fox, director of government relations for the Marijuana Policy Project, said in statement. “Plain and simple, the alcohol industry is trying to kill the competition. Their mission is to drive people to drink.”

Interestingly, some beer makers are telling their distributors that they want no part of this nonsense.

California beer sellers oppose marijuana legalization bill

Photo by David Trawin. Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 Generic license.

The frustrations of a poorly structured piece…or don’t revise the blocking during the tech rehearsals.

I’m up in the lighting booth, of course, with a show that opens in three days, and the woman who plotted the opening dance number (I hesitate to call her a choreographer)  is changing the blocking AGAIN. On top of that, the music has never really been heard in one piece and the cast really doesn’t know when to start or finish a move.

And I’m trying to light this piece based on where they stop and read lines. Did I tell you we open in three days? One of my cardinal rules when I direct is you freeze the blocking during tech week. If you don’t, you run major odds that the lights will not fit on cue and the show will look like hell.

Not to mention what it will sound like. Using a computer stored score, you should have the music edited down by the first rehearsal… or at least by the start of the second week. I wonder if I mentioned we are three days away from opening?

So now they are calling an extra tech rehearsal tomorrow at 5:00.  Maybe we will FINALIZE something.

But I doubt it. Then again, we open in 3 days.

Jill Johnston dies at 81…

Jill Johnston, former Dance Critic and Columnist (Lesbian Nation) in the heyday of the Village Voice has died of a stroke in Hartford, CT.

In my New York years, her column was one of my weekly regulars. She was one of the true voices of the New York Avant Garde and was also a great writer.

From the NY Times:

Ms. Johnston started out as a dance critic, but in the pages of The Voice, which hired her in 1959, she embraced the avant-garde as a whole, including happenings and multimedia events.

“I had a forum obviously set up for covering or perpetrating all manner of outrage,” she wrote in a biographical statement on her Web site, jilljohnston.com.

The fact that she was 81 was a big surprise to me… time sure flies.

Larry Summers Will Be leaving The White House…


This clip from HuffPo:

clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com

Lawrence Summers, the White House’s top economic adviser, will leave at the end of the year and return to his position as a professor at Harvard University, according to a statement released by the White House today. (The news was first reported by Hans Nichols of Bloomberg News.)

Earlier today, amid rumors of their departure, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs said that President Obama is “enormously pleased” with the performance of Summers and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Reuters reported.

To fend off claims of being anti-business, the Obama administration may replace Summers, who serves as the director of the president’s National Economic Council, with a top corporate executive, Bloomberg reports.

In April, Joshua Green of The Atlantic also predicted Summers would depart sometime close to the midterm elections.
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The Senate Just Blocked The Defense Bill Including “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal…

This is a small triumph for the Republicans who, led this time by John McCain, filibustered the Defense Bill coming up for debate, and prevented the 60 votes (all Dems and Independents plus 1 Republican) needed by Harry Reid from happening.

Senate Majority Leader Reid needed those 60 votes to overcome Republicans led by McCain, but because he had attached debate on the DREAM Act and a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as amendments  he was stomped. Centrist Republican senators like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine were considered crucial to this effort — but they were unwilling to cross the aisle during today’s vote.

So this means that, for now, the basic Defense Bill, which funds the military (who needs it to just keep operating) is not on the floor. I’m watching Senator Barbara Boxer on C-Span2 right now who is complaining about the inability to debate either the DADT amendment or the Dream Act Amendment. One point she make is that the only other countries in the world that don’t allow open gays in the military are Iran, Turkey, Cuba, North Korea, Egypt and a few others… Our friends, England, Germany, Austria, Canada, France and many more, allow open gay military service. Get the idea.

The ED Show summed it up pretty well last February:

The DREAM act, which allows children who are not citizens but were brought into their country by parents, can get a leading run to citizenship… and, also, to populate our military with thousands of people currently not allowed in… has been trying to get on the agenda for the last 10 years. This is something that really should be brought back up on the agenda again and again until it is passed.

Meanwhile, we are seeing this Congress’ major problem… the inability to get things done when Senators… and that is Republican Senators… Filibuster EVERYTHING, rather than letting majority rule.

I had an E.E.G. this morning…

An Electro EncepheloGram (EEG) requires you to have a bunch of electrical contacts put around your head while you lie down in the dark and, well, go to sleep. As such, it’s the most painless and most comfortable test I’ve had so far. I had mine at Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown at 9:00 AM.

The instruction sheet I was given at the Neurologist’s office prior to the test told me to stay up the night before until Midnight, then get up at 5:00 AM. After that I could eat and medicate as usual, BUT I COULD HAVE NO CAFFEINE!!! How in Hell can I function with very little sleep and no coffee? The reason, of course, which I found out at the test, was that they really wanted me to fall asleep as it went on, without any chemical help that would throw off the test. So I napped for a half hour in a dark room with probes wired to my head.

So now I’m back home… tired. I’m going to feed the dogs their lunch and take a nap.