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Bob Cesca has his finger right on it…

(ooops..didn’t mean to suggest finger activity )

From Bob’s Awesome Blog:

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Creepy Quote of the Day

“Sex is a covenant between a man and a woman and God.”
Christine O’Donnell

So sex is a three-way with God?


But that means there are two men (or two women if God is female) in the equation. Isn’t that just a wee bit gay? I mean, there’s bound to be some incidental touching in there, no?

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Today is not working out as well as I wanted…Nobody at the Theatre!

So… I went over to Full Circle Theater and found it all locked up. And apparently my combination for the back door is old because it didn’t work. So I came over to the Mellow Mood to have a cup of coffee, check my e-mail, and wait an hour before going back to see if anyone has shown up.

The Mood is in a Saturday Afternoon, Good Weather, Busy Mode. Students, tourists, a couple of regulars and all the tables are now full. It’s a really pleasant day out and German Street (our downtown drag) is crawling with people. I ended up parking in the hidden space in the Alley in back that I discovered a couple of weeks ago… which will be available until the finish building the new Town Hall and the whole stretch where I am now becomes Employee Parking.

If the weather stays this good, Farmers’ Market tomorrow should be crowded as well. I suggested to Candi that she use Farmers’ Market as a venue for selling ACFF tickets… set up in front of the Library as many non-profits do when they have something to push. I didn’t hear from her on if she was going to do it (I would have volunteered to help her cover the event), so I don’t know if it will happen. Too bad.

Second Cup and still writing! Just called John Case and found out he recorded the radio spot for Thurber Carnival this morning with some of the cast and the Director and they were supposed to be over at the Theatre afterward… he was surprised that they were not. Maybe they took a late lunch break? After I finish this Cup o’ Joe I’ll go over and check once again. If they aren’t there I’ll go home.

Cartoon(s) of the Week… Teabaggers Topple Traditional Tag Teams…

Jeff Danziger in the L.A. Times:

Post Primaries’ Pachyderm Pandemonium…

– and –

Tom Toles in the Washington Post:

Rough Ride Racks Right…

– and –

Chan Lowe in the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

Couch Candidates Claim Congress…

– and –

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Reality Rejected Republican Rhetoric…

– and –

Pat Bagley in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Whores Walk With Wealth.

How the Taiwanese Animators see the Christine O’Donnell/Tea Party win.

I love these guys. Their views are so…uninformed! But funny.

Saturday Morning… got a lot of sleep and ready for the day…

Just have to get the dogs walked and I can get off to Full Circle Theater to work on the lights for Thurber Carnival, which opens next Friday. I hope they are building the set today, especially the tent made of alternating strips of fabric and emptiness, just the suggestion of a carnival tent as I understand it. It’s the kind of construction which affects the final placement of all light instruments and I have had to hold off on the final light design until it is finished.

Stage lighting at the Community Theatre level is often highly simplified from major, professional stage lighting. Usually there is the limitation of equipment (for instance, while we have plenty of lights we only have one dimmer board with 16 levers) and certainly there is a limitation of time and number of volunteers to hang and set units (no union crew, no paid staff). We don’t get a lot in the way of technical rehearsals (in Community Theatre these so called “techs” often have actors performing at the same time, taking a lot of time away from the technician), usually 1 on the schedule. So we make just about every rehearsal through the “dress” a tech rehearsal.

As yet, I haven’t seen a full run-through of the show (although I understand they had their  first on Thursday night while I was getting ready for my last set of medical tests.) Monday night will be my chance to plot cues into what I hope is their final blocking. We’ll see.

The last week of setup, rehearsal and opening is very time consuming and crazy and I have one more medical test on Tuesday…EEG at Washington County Hospital… and, of course, the Friday radio show, my Social Security income transfers to Elly’s bill-paying account, grocery shopping, etc. This will be a nutty week and will not have the usual week-end release (we have two shows on the weekend.) As I get older, these final weeks get harder and harder.

Fortunately for this blog, Full Circle Theater has full web access and I can keep the computer up in the booth with me. The blog will go on!

I’m recovering from a day getting sedated and tested…

When I got home this afternoon I slept for hours. Sorry that there is not much of a blog today. This T.E.E. test was painful and invasive (they stick a device down your throat to get clear pictures of your heart. Fortunately, after you get the thing (painfully, despite the stuff they spray down your throat to prevent pain) shoved in they sedate you. When you wake up you’re lying in recovery.

I’ll get back on it tomorrow.