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A Quote for the other diabetics like me out there…

I was looking for information relating to the severe nausea I get from using Byetta, a drug prescribed for diabetics to help keep blood sugar down by making you not hungry, when I came across this quote from Jenny who runs the blog Diabetes Update.  In one article she discussed whether ANY of the meds we diabetics consume or inject can cure, or at least turn around, diabetes.

Her conclusion on the major drug companies who are advertising significant reversals of symptoms by using their Insulin/Metformin/GLD-1 products is the following:

The drug companies are not working on cures, because if you were cured you wouldn’t need to buy $400 dollars worth of their drugs every month. Their drugs provide only control, and not very good control at that. Until we start funding research that is not undertaking to fatten someone’s bottom line things are going to stay that way. Why kill the golden goose?

Getting ready for tomorrow…

John Case and I are broadcasting from the Mellow Moods Cafe again tomorrow morning. Officially the show is from 7:30 to 9:00 AM… we set up at 7:00 and sometimes do some pre-show stuff during that half hour. Tune in to WSHC 89.7 FM if you’re in our area (or go to http://www.897wshc.org to hear us on line.) We’re going to end right on schedule this week because John has to pick up a puppy he is babysitting for Ruth and Mike Robertas over at 4Seasons Books (our sponsor) and I have to be at Washington County Hospital for a T.E.E. test at 11:00 (part of Dr. Kugler et al’s investigation into my teeny language seizures.)

Anyway, I’m getting all my prep work in tonite for the show and for tomorrow’s blog, since a big chunk of my day is going to be sedated and in the hospital. I’m not really looking forward to it, as they have to drop a reading device down my throat to get it behind my rib cage (hence the sedation). Can you think of something more unpleasant?

From midnight tonite until after the test tomorrow I’m not allowed to eat, which will make this even harder to get through. There is a medication I have been taking for several months now which helps keep my blood sugar in line… not insulin, I take that, too… and it has a side effect I dislike… it makes me very nauseous. Twice a day. It’s not something I want to feel in my gut before tomorrow, so today I refused to take it (and I won’t tomorrow, either) and, lo and behold, I feel great today. I’ve got to talk to my Endocrinologist about this…I’d like to not be nauseated twice a day.

Saturday I expect to be fine again… and, hopefully, I can get into the Full Circle Theater and work on the lights for Thurber Carnival. I can’t wait.

New Rasmussen Report out on Delaware Senate Race…

O’Donnell has achieved what no one thought would happen a couple of weeks ago… a chance for a Democrat to hold onto the Senate seat once held by Joe Biden.

Here’s a clip:

clipped from www.rasmussenreports.com

Election 2010: Delaware Senate
Delaware Senate: Coons (D) 53%, O’Donnell (R) 42%
Democrat Chris Coons holds a double-digit lead over Republican hopeful Christine O’Donnell in the first Rasmussen Reports post-primary survey of the U.S. Senate race in Delaware.

Coons earns 53% of the vote to O’Donnell’s 42%, with leaners included. One percent (1%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

The Delaware race is now viewed as Solid Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings.

This marks a remarkable turnaround in a race that at the beginning of the month was rated Solid Republican and was on track to be a GOP pickup. At that time, Congressman Mike Castle led Coons as he had been leading all year. O’Donnell trailed Coons at that time 47% to 36%.

If leaners are not included, Coons, the elected executive of the state’s largest county, posts a 51% to 40% lead over O’Donnell.
See toplines for other data from this survey.
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The Economy Teeters on the Edge as Politicians Play… So what do the majority of Americans want?

A new poll shows that 53% of Americans support the  ending of tax cuts for the Wealthy 1% while maintaining them for the Middle Class. John Boehner, however, comes out today saying it is not time to increase taxes on anyone (so I assume he’s in that 1%… or is dominated by it.) At the same time, the US poverty rating has now increased by 43%… more of us are impoverished by this economy and the lack of jobs is seen as the major cause.

S0 let’s look at that Wealthy 1%. As the major business investors (in terms of money, if not in the creation of new businesses), these folks have NOT created new jobs… at least not in the US. While China and the far east have gotten more employees (for pennies!) and Mexico has received new factories that used to be in Indiana and Illinois and Ohio, the Wealthy 1% have held onto their dough and have not used it to, as the trickle-downers maintain they would, “save America.”

By ending the “temporary” (as originally limited to 10 years… the decade that destroyed our economy) tax cut for the rich, enough money could come back into the American investment sphere through employment subsidies, highway development and bridge repair (much more necessary than anyone is admitting… just wait until our nmajor routes fall apart and truckers are out of business), among other things, to bring us back on a positive track. It may NOT be what does happen. Congress has not shown itself to be on the side of Working America as much as it has been on the side of Money America
We should at least realize what COULD happen and use all the influence we can expend on our Representatives and Future Representatives. If we don’t, then we deserve what we get.

Something my Theatre Friends may find very interesting… a play by Jack Kerouac!

This discovery of a previously unpublished and certainly unproduced Kerouac play, written at the height of his literary power, is something of interest to those of us who are interested in the Beat Generation. This article from the Guardian has more in it… I suggest that those interested read it all:
clipped from www.guardian.co.uk

‘Lost’ Kerouac play resurfaces after 50 years

Beat Generation ‘conveys the mood of the time extraordinarily well’

It is the sort of irony that would not have been lost on the notoriously hard-living writer. Excerpts from an unpublished play by Jack Kerouac are to be published in the July edition of a men’s lifestyle magazine.

Beat Generation, written in the autumn of 1957, the same year as the publication of Kerouac’s breakthrough work On the Road, was unearthed in a New Jersey warehouse six months ago. An excerpt will appear in the July issue of Best Life magazine.

The play recounts a day in the life of the hard-drinking, drug-fuelled life of Jack Duluoz, Kerouac’s alter-ego.

Although the play was never published or performed, the third act became the basis for a film, Pull My Daisy, starring Allen Ginsberg.
Kerouac’s agent, Sterling Lord, said Kerouac had sent it to several producers but it was turned down.
Kerouac even sent the play to Marlon Brando, Mr Lord said.
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