Screw the Republicans. Screw Dodd. Obama plans to give Warren an Interim Appointment.

We were expecting this and it happened today. It’s to bad Congress can’t get it’s act together. We’re lucky to get Warren representing consumers, even if it is only for the interim.

This from Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

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President Obama will appoint Elizabeth Warren to a special position reporting to both him and to the Treasury Department and tasked with heading the effort to start the new federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, ABC News reports.

Warren “has been seen by many on the Left as a force for greater accountability and transparency, and a check against the forces in the Obama administration more closely allied with the financial sector. Many officials in that sector eye her warily as too anti-business.”

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  1. This consumer represents himself. With Freedom comes personal responsibility.

  2. Hmmm, I must really be out of the loop. I thought Democrats have been running Congress for the last six years and have had a super majority the last two. I must be wrong because the Republicans keep getting blamed for all that is wrong with government today.

    Blame Bush! Spend More!

    • As you know, you are correct in terms of numbers, but remarkably wrong in terms of process. While the House DOES exert a large amount of, thankfully, Democratic Control, the Senate is burdened with the Filibuster Rule which is carried out over 95% of the time by McConnell’s Republicans, making that 60 member vote much harder to get. No party in history has applied the Filibuster rule more than the Republicans, and certainly no party in the past has so publicly stated, as McConnell has, that they will stop all Democratic Legislation (even on things Republicans have previoualy supported for years.)

      So, I guess you are out of the loop. Why don’t you get back in and wise up? (Not that it matters, as the Tea Party is going to bring severe punishment on the Repubs… of course, I guess you are a TP supporter, no?)

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