Time for California to End The Unwinnable Marijuana War

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Eyes are all on California… if Marijuana is legalized there it could be legalized everywhere and perhaps our huge prison and arrest expenses (totaling in the billions of bucks) can be applied to more necessary ventures.

Here’s part of the article in OpEdNews today… go in and read the whole thing before you make your own decision:

clipped from www.opednews.com
By Kevin Zeese (about the author)
Can More Arrests Ever Stop Marijuana?

Since the founding of the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1973, 15 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana.

That is more people than live in California’s 25 largest cities millions more than live in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Illinois.

The DEA has led an aggressive national law enforcement effort that results in a marijuana arrest every 38 seconds, propelling the U.S. to become the biggest incarcerator on the planet, housing one out of four of the world’s
prisoners.Despite mass arrests, incarceration and the tearing apart of millions of families, the war rages on with no end in sight.
Is there any reason to think that millions more arrests with costs running into the billions will win the marijuana war?
Will more arrests stop marijuana?
If not, isn’t it time to consider alternatives that could better control marijuana?
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  1. If California legalizes cannabis, I think a majority of other states will soon follow suit. Once a majority of states is on board, the feds will have to capitulate. Won’t they?

    • I HOPE so… I say this not having had a whiff of pot since 1972 when I got too worried about being caught with it by Hartford CT police, who, at the time, were treating it like heroin.
      Wow! 38 years!

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